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Things To Do Whilst Here

Here at the British Ironwork Centre, there are plenty of daily onsite activities to be done. Please see below a list of the fun activities that are available at the centre.

Kids Summer Activities

Take part in our kids metal safari quiz here at the British Ironwork Centre, collect your quiz sheet from our showroom to take part!

 All winners get a special prize and certificate!

Only £3 per child.

 Available for the rest of the Summer Holidays.

Quiz sheets are available from the showroom tills.


Here at the Ironworks, come and help the Iron Guardians take back the Centre from the evil imposters – the Metal Monsta-Trons!!

Design your very own Iron Guardian whilst completing the trail, hunting throughout the grounds, unlocking the codes to lead you to your prize! Only for the very brave as there are many wicked Metal Monsta-Trons trying to trick you, hoping that you will lose your way and fail the task!!!

Available from the showroom till point, no need to pre-book, collect your map and follow the clues to your prize, only £3 per child. The activity lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Safari Buggy Tours

Golf Buggy Hire Trail


Hire one of our golf buggies to travel around the safari tour 1.6km route.

The Safari Buggie Tour route can be viewed here.

Rental Duration Rental Charge Additions Charge
30 Minutes


Lost Keys £5
Late Charge 
(Per every full 10 minutes)


Interior and/or Exterior Valeting
(If returned excessively dirty)

You can book one of our golf buggies by clicking on the 'book now' button below, or by visiting our showroom. 

Terms & Conditions apply


Here at the centre, we offer a number of unique and exclusive experience workshops to impress and entertain. From creating a horseshoe to a piece of stunning and unique jewellery, we have a number of different skills for you try out.
Each demonstration is carefully conducted by one of our resident metalwork artists, each keenly skilled and extremely knowledgeable in their fields.




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