British Ironwork Centre

Working with a social conscience for our community and nation


The British Ironwork Centre, is simply one of a kind, the perfect destination for a family day out, it is Shropshire’s only free, 5 star tourist destination. The Centre is the birthplace of the famous ‘Spoon Gorilla’ and Knife Angel- the UK’s national monument against knife crime. The Centre is long dedicated to, and passionate about the preservation and creation of quality craft and metal work, in all its many forms. This wonderfully diverse Centre has a stunning and varied collection of metal work, where  you will find beautifully decorative items both large and small for the home and garden. The indoor emporiums allow you to escape into a treasure trove of must-have trinkets and interior adornments, whilst our grounds are abundant with architectural structures and sculptures that must truly be seen.

 The Centre is passionate about celebrating all arts and crafts, championing a variety of local artists, featuring their work throughout the grounds, each of our items have been carefully crafted and sourced. Some of our collections are faithful reproductions of stunning ironwork no longer seen today, with others having a contemporary twist to bring them into the 21st Century. The Centre boasts the UK’s largest Metal Safari park, as you travel around the grounds you will see over 100 different animals and species, crafted out of various materials from the majestic Silver Back Gorilla, to an adorable assortment of Farmyard animals - it really must be seen to be believed.

During your visit, you can take part in a number of exclusive demonstrations and workshops, the centre has a number of resident Blacksmiths, Silversmiths, Florists and various artists all creating various items for you to observe and learn more about the craft. The Centre also features an Exotic Zoo, providing daily talks and demonstrations on the Centres resident mammals, creatures and critters.

There is ample parking for cars, coaches and mini buses and the facilities are second to none- not forgetting the icing on the cake- the Forge Café, open daily, serving a selection of home-made sandwiches, crusty baguettes, salads, hot pies and quiches and of course a selection of delicious homemade cakes, scones and pastries.

For fabulous hosted group visits, please contact the Centre, we will ensure you and your guests are entertained from start to finish, we can arrange for welcome talks, private viewings of the exhibits, artisan demonstrations, cream teas, and special parting gifts. The hosted visits can be booked throughout the year, please also see our What’s On page, outlining the Centres events, from the Balloon Festival to our spectacular annual Transport Rally. 

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Fusion Arts Fire Breathing Giant Gorilla and Palms Paul Resident Blacksmith
Giant Dragon In Showroom 2 American-Kestrel-Hulk_2 Giant Metal Spider Sculpture