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  • Regal Rooftops
    Regal Rooftops
    Entirely unique and wonderfully exclusive this collection of garden weathervanes is simply stunning, offering unrivalled choice without compromising on quality.
  • Inspired Designs
    Inspired Designs
    With inspiration for our weathervane range taken from all walks of life, you can choose from a proud rooster or play cat and mouse in the wind.
  • A Mark of Quality
    A Mark of Quality
    Each weathervane has been hand crafted from cast iron or pure copper and is unrivalled in both quality and design. Supplied with steel fittings and a matching bracket.

Our collection of weathervanes is unlike anything you have seen before, each one has been created from cast iron, which have taken years to perfect, unless you ordered one of our stunning copper weathervanes where the skilled art of soldering has been used. Weathervanes are making a very big revival to homes within the UK. However many do opt to adorn their garden shed's or gates with these wonderful pieces. They also make excellent gifts, something unique and for the home.