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 How you can help get the Knife Angel Sculpture to a city near you


The British Ironwork Centre created the Knife Angel as a vehicle to voice the concerns of the nation, its communities, families, and the victims that have tragically been affected. The Knife Angel, under the ‘Save a Life, Surrender your Knife’ campaign, exists to spearhead change and ensure there is more of a focus on early intervention, awareness raising and education throughout the UK.

As the Knife Angel makes its way around the UK, we understand that so many of you, its supporters, want to bid for the Knife Angel to be placed in your city. In the hope it could make a difference where you live and for its message to make an impact on knife crime awareness within your region. We need your help to reach out to your local authorities to host the Knife Angel where you are.

We have sent requests across the UK from Cornwall, to Scotland and everywhere in between. If you want to show your support and get involved in the ‘Safe A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ Campaign and to ask for your city/area of the UK to be involved, you will need to write to any of the following:

All of these organisations have the ability to start discussions and movements in getting the Knife Angel to where you are! Help us reach out to them and the 'Save a life, Surrender your Knife Campaign' will reach all four corners of the UK.

Please use hashtag #britishironworkcentre #savealifesurrenderyourknife #knifeangel in all your online correspondence.

Together we can make a difference.

Where is the Knife Angel Now

The British Ironwork Centre, 12th June - Present

British Ironwork Centre Map

The British Ironwork Centre, SY11 4JH

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Knife Angel is now situated back here at the Ironworks! It is available for public viewing (with social distance and safety measures in place) here at the Centre. The Angel’s National Anti-Violence tour is presently being re-planned and re-organised to resume once it is safe to do so.

Through its National Anti-Violence Tour, the Angel has visited a total of eleven towns and cities, spreading its anti-violence message, and standing up against all forms of violent and aggressive behaviours. For the tour to remain as successful as it has been thus far, it is imperative that the Angel can be viewed by as many members of the public as possible. As part of the Angel’s ‘Agreement of Conscience’, all host locations are also asked to deputise a minimum of 10,000 children and young people as Anti-Violence Champions through renouncing aggression as a means to solve disputes, issues, and disagreements. Of course, with the current restrictions in place across the country, none of this would be possible and host locations would be unable to gain the maximum benefit from the Angel’s visit there. As such, the Knife Angel will remain positioned at the Ironworks until normality resumes.

The Knife Angel

The National Anti-Violence Tour of the UK, is currently being reviewed and reorganised due to Covid 19 Pandemic.

Where has the Knife Angel Been?

Telford, Southwater Square, 29th February - 12th June

Southwater Square Location

Southwater Square, St Quentin Gate, Telford TF3 4EJ

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Knife Angel will remain in Telford's Southwater Square until normality resumes and it is safe for the monument to be moved to its next host location.

Shropshire’s largest and most diverse location, Telford & Wrekin, will be hosting the Knife Angel for the full month of March. Made possible by Angie Astley, Assistant Director of Customer & Neighbourhood Services for Telford & Wrekin Council, and Louise Hickman, Serious Violence Co-Ordinator & Knife Crime Lead for West Mercia Police, the Angel will be stood in Southwater Square until the end of the month. Situated right in the centre of Telford just on the border of the famous Telford Town Park, the Square is the ideal place for the Knife Angel to become a central focus for visitors and Telford locals alike to view the monument and its surrounding educational material. Being situated in the County of Shropshire ourselves, we are completely delighted to give Telford & Wrekin the opportunity to host the Angel! Since before the Angel’s conception, we have worked very closely with the West Mercia Police force, who were the first force to join our ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign all the way back in 2015 through various amnesties and knife banks.

Telford are fully committed to utilising the Angel to undertake 28-days of intensive educational anti-violence workshops and programmes for their community youth. The town has been tasked with deputising a minimum of 10,000 young people in becoming Anti-Violence Champions through renouncing violence as a means for solving disputes and issues. The town have also assured us that they are committed to submitting a post appraisal report one month after their hosting period, detailing how their educational programmes benefited the community and how they intend to continue their efforts going forward.

The Knife Angel in Telford

Gateshead & Newcastle, Sage Gateshead, 30th January - 28th February 2020

Sage Gateshead, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead NE8 2JR

The Knife Angel has now landed in the most northernly point yet of its National Anti-Violence Tour – Gateshead in Newcastle, Northumbria. The Angel has been heralded in the North East and has been installed in Gateshead’s most prized location in Performance Square just opposite the Sage building. The Sage Gateshead is a highly prestigious and world-renowned music centre dedicated to hosting talent from all across the world. Every year, they feature more than 400 artists and welcome more than 2million visitors. Here, the Angel will overlook some of the North’s most famous landmarks including the River Tyne and the Millennium bridge, making Performance Square the perfect location for the Knife Angel throughout the full month of February. At night, the Knife Angel will be illuminated in red to not only stand out against the background, but to also symbolise the unnecessary bloodshed that violent behaviour has caused all across the country.

Made possible by Samantha’s Legacy, a charity formed after the shocking and tragic death of Samantha Madgin, Gateshead Council and the Northumbria Police, the Knife Angel’s stay in Gateshead will greatly benefit the North through its message against violent and aggressive behaviour. Forming a crucial part of the Angel’s legacy, Gateshead have formally committed themselves to deputising a minimum of 10,000 young people in becoming Anti-Violence Champions during its stay in the town. The Angel will also be used as an important point of tuition to educate the town’s youth about the negative impact that violent and aggressive behaviour has on the community.

The Knife Angel in Gateshead

Newtown, Oriel Davies Gallery, 3rd January - 29th January 2020

Oriel Davies Gallery, The Park, Newtown SY16 2NZ

The Knife Angel has officially landed in Newtown, the first Welsh location to host the monument as it continues its National UK Tour. Made possible by Powys County Council and the Dyfed-Powys Police & Crime Commissioner, the Angel will be stood outside of the Oriel Davies Gallery in Central Newtown until the end of January. Being the first Welsh location to step forward in a bid to end knife crime and violent behaviour, the Angel’s stay in Newtown is a truly momentous occasion and is a really wonderful way to celebrate the new year. The Angel was escorted from the Ironworks on Friday the 3rd of January alongside Blood Bikes Wales (a voluntary group that provides free blood courier services to the NHS), Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association and the Dragon Riders Club. It was then joined by the Dyfed-Powys Police Force just outside of Newtown before being escorted to its hosting location outside of the Oriel Davies Gallery.

Alongside their commitment to conduct 28 days of intensive educational workshops and programmes, Powys are also the first region to commit to targeting and deputising 10,000 Anti-Violence Champions – an aspirational figure that will become the first national anti-violence drive for 2020. This drive encompasses schools and youth groups by allowing young people to stand up against violence and aggression in all forms, not just knife crime. The initiative invites children and young people to become Anti-Violence Champions, deputised through badges, stickers, and certificates which Newtown’s Knife Angel representatives will provide. Powys will set the precedent for this new initiative, which will be carried forward to all proceeding host locations. If you live in Wales, now is your chance to go and see the Knife Angel for yourself!

 The Knife Angel Travels to Newtown

 The British Ironwork Centre, November 29th - December 23rd 2019

The British Ironwork Centre, SY11 4JH

The Knife Angel is officially home for Christmas!

The Angel will be here to view at the Ironworks until the Monday 23rd December and once we open again on 2nd January, it will continue it's journey to Newtown on Friday January 3rd.

It will then be setting off on the next leg of its nationwide tour to Newtown in Powys, where it will be used to conduct another 28 days of anti-violence and anti-aggression workshops!

If you'd love to see the Angel in its birthplace this festive season, please do come and visit us!

A big thank you to Hassall Transport for being one of Chester's community champions and supporting our national anti-violence initiatives. 

 The Knife Angel Arrives Back at The British Ironwork Centre

 Chester Cathedral, 31st October - 28th November 2019

Chester Cathedral, St Werburgh St, Chester CH1 2DY

It's official, the National Monument Against Violence and Aggression has returned back to its home region of the West Midlands, after spending a month in the East Midland’s city of Derby. On October 31st the Knife Angel landed in the City of Chester, just on the border of its Shropshire birthplace, where it will stand outside of Chester Cathedral for the full month of November. Chester is officially the 8th city to host the Angel since its UK tour began back in December 2018. No other monument of its kind has traveled so many miles, and we are incredibly proud of what it has achieved so far as it reaches the next leg of its journey. The Angel has already exceeded all of our expectations and we cannot wait to see the amazing work that it does as its National Tour continues well into 2021.

The Angel was officially unveiled at Chester Cathedral on Friday the 1st of November 2019, displaying an important message against violence and aggression. This unveiling saw the Angel being greeted and blessed by the Bishop of Chester, Peter Foster, followed by a number of civic speeches conducted by members of the group who helped get the monument to the city. Also present were a number of families who have been affected by knife crime, including Chester mum Liz Ardolino, who lost her son earlier this year to a horrific act of knife violence. Whilst in Chester, the Angel will act as a catalyst for educational workshops to be conducted for their regional youth, focusing on the negative effects of violent and aggressive behavior. The city is fully committed to undertaking 28-days of intensive programmes and workshops, and we look forward to seeing how they conduct this important work over the next month. The Angel will remain outside of the cathedral until the end of the month before heading back to the Ironworks for the Christmas season. If you live in or around the Chester area, now is your chance to see the Knife Angel in your home city!

 Derby Cathedral, 1st October - 28th October 2019

Derby Cathedral, 18-19 Iron Gate, Derby DE1 3GP

Travelling from the southern county of Kent to the city of Derby in the East Midlands, The Knife Angel arrives at it's next destination, Derby Cathedral. The sculpture, created from over 100,000 surrendered knives and weapons collected by all 43 police forces across the UK, is having its voice heard loud and clear as it travelled onwards to the sixth location of its tour. The Angel will stand proudly outside Derby Cathedral on Irongate for the full month of October. Derby will be the first city in the east midlands to host the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression and we are delighted that it won’t be the last, with Nottingham and Leicester already in the planning mix! The Angel’s travel to Derby has been made possible through the passion and determination of Derby Cathedral, Derbyshire Police, Derby City Council, Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa, University Hospitals of Derby, the Burton NHS Foundation Trust, and anti-violence groups. In 2015, Rachel Webb’s son, Tom Webb, was stabbed and killed on St Peter’s Street in Derby. Later that year she supported an amnesty held across Derbyshire and knives from this amnesty were donated towards the creation of the Knife Angel. She also visited the Knife Angel during it's creation and engraved a blade with a message for her son, Tom. On the Knife Angel going to Derby, Rachel has said: “The Knife Angel is an emotive, thought-provoking monument which is helping to educate and raise awareness of the increasing knife crime epidemic on Britain’s streets. It’s my hope that the Angel will encourage open conversations in homes, differing community groups and schools, helping our young people to understand the horrific consequences of carrying and using a knife.” Derby have fully committed to run 28-days of intensive youth engagement and educational programmes throughout the Angel’s stay. Jack Atwall, Project Manager for the group who worked to get the Angel to Derby, has said: “For the 28 days that the sculpture is in the city we hope it will be used as a catalyst for a range of activities, particularly aimed at young people, to divert them away from knife crime and violence.” We are very much looking forward to seeing the city’s achievements and post appraisal detailing the educational legacy that the Angel leaves behind long after its departure from the city. The Angel received a big welcome reception upon its arrival in Derby early this morning and will be situated outside of Derby Cathedral until the end of October, before moving on to the City of Chester.

 Rochester Cathedral, 2nd September - 29th September 2019

Rochester Cathedral, Garth house, Rochester, ME1 1SX

The Knife Angel is now stood outside of Rochester Cathedral in Kent, where it will remain until the end of the month. Fronted by Reverend Nathan Ward, alongside Medway Council, Rochester Cathedral’s Education Department & Community Partnership Team, and the County of Kent, Rochester stepped forward showing great interest in hosting the Knife Angel all the way back in April! Kent has seen several fatal stabbings take place within recent months, one even taking place on Rochester Cathedral grounds. With these statistics reaching new heights every day, Nathan believes that hosting the Angel will significantly help the educational schemes that are already in place whilst helping to be the catalyst in creating even more programmes and workshops for the region’s youth. Nathan started out as a Prison Governor shouldering anti-knife and anti-violence campaigns for Birmingham and then moved onto Medway, Southbank and Middlesbrough. His educational efforts began with a volunteer mentor scheme to provide young people and teachers in schools with conflict training to protect themselves and educate others about the importance of anti-violence. To date, Nathan has visited a total of 86 primary schools in the area and presented these important educational assemblies. On the 13th of September, the University of Kent will be holding a conference surrounding child protection and knife-related issues, which will be led by experts from across the country such as trauma surgeons, and John Biccs, Chief of Police. The Knife Angel will remain present outside of Rochester Cathedral throughout this conference, and for the remainder of the month, as a powerful reminder that appropriate education is a very necessary requirement for helping to turn the tide on violent behavior.

Over the 28 days that the Angel was hosted in Rochester, the sculpture attracted over 45,000 visitors, including 2,500 school children in organised groups. This is almost six times as many visitors to the cathedral than in previous years, having had just 7,900 visitors in September 2018. 

 Middlesbrough, Centre Square, 6th August - 1st September 2019

Centre Square, Middlesbrough, TS1 2PA

The Knife Angel is back on the road and continues it's Tour of the UK. On Tuesday 6th August, the Knife Angel arrived in Middlesbrough in Centre Square, the most central part of the town as they become the 5th location on the leg of the Knife Angel’s National UK Tour. Middlesbrough is officially the most Northern location to date on the National Anti-Violence Tour and its journey to Middlesbrough has been a long time coming. With conversation to get the Knife Angel to Middlesbrough beginning all the way back in March, it is a huge achievement to see it stand tall in the Square today. Getting the sculpture to the town took the concerted efforts of anti-knife crime campaigner Theresa Cave, who leads the Chris Cave Foundation and POINT7 Anti-Violence Programme, in conjunction with the Police and Crime Commissioner of Cleveland Barry Coppinger, and the Town Council. Statistically, Cleveland has the ninth highest level of knife crime per 1000 population in the UK – a truly shocking number that has prompted the county to already begin ongoing campaigns to raise better awareness. Because of this, we felt as if they could really benefit from hosting the Angel and using its powerful voice to help launch new initiatives and programmes to turn the tide on violent behavior. Throughout the Angel’s stay, the town are in full agreement over our requirement for all hosting locations to conduct 28 days of educational workshops and programmes for their youth. These workshops and programmes will not only include school, college and university students but will also encapsulate ex-offenders and more vulnerable youth. They have also agreed to submit a full summary report following the Angel’s visit, which will detail everything achieved through their educational efforts as well as any future plans they have to help continue them.

 The British Ironwork Centre, 13th June - - 5th August 2019

The British Ironwork Centre, SY11 4JH

The Knife Angel has come home! National Monument Returns to Ironworks for Some TLC Beginning its official national tour back in December 2018, the Knife Angel has now been on the road for just over six months! This incredible journey has seen the monument travel from Liverpool to Hull, Coventry, and Birmingham. The tour has been running very smoothly since its start but, unfortunately, we have hit a little bit of a hiccup in the road. Gloucester was set to host the Angel outside of their cathedral following its time in Birmingham but made the decision to no longer have it as they felt they weren’t ready to commit to our youth engagement requirement. It is important to us that every hosting city uses the Angel to run important educational programmes and workshops for their youth. These programmes must be designed to highlight the national blight of violence and aggression within the UK whilst simultaneously educating school children and youth about the negative effects that knife crime has on families, victims, communities and perpetrators.Despite this unforeseen break, we remain positive and will be using this period of time to have the Knife Angel back home, in its birthplace of Shropshire, for some much-needed TLC. This time will allow us to get the Angel prepared for the next leg of its journey whilst allowing our visitors to get the chance to view the Angel in its location of conception. Getting the Angel back out onto the field is the highest priority for us as we want to keep up the momentum of its important message and perpetuate a seamless journey to ensure that knife crime doesn’t fall from the national spotlight. Because of this, we will be urging cities who have previously shown interest in hosting the Angel to fast-track their positions in order to help continue our journey to significantly decrease the violent behavior seen plaguing the entirety of our nation. If your town, city, cathedral or other location of national significance would be interested in hosting the Angel, please do get in touch with us!

 Birmingham, Victoria Square, 8th May - 13th June 2019

Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD

The sculpture was erected in Victoria Square, the most central point of the city and was the best point for the people of Birmingham to see the Sculpture and for the Knife Angel's message to reach the wider community. Birmingham City Council leader, Councillor Ian Ward, stepped forward in requesting that the city hosts the Sculpture. With the support of David Jamieson, Police and Crime Commissioner for West Midlands Police, the city had a strong team in ensuring the people of Birmingham get to experience the Knife Angel and all it represents. Following in the footsteps of Liverpool, Hull and Coventry, Birmingham hosted a series of knife crime awareness campaigns and developed youth services to cover educating the young people of Birmingham of the dangers in carrying weapons, in particular, knives for the 28 days that it hosted the Knife Angel. The Knife Angel Campaign, #savealife #surrenderyourknife has seen us work a lot with West Midlands Police and the families of the victims affected by knife crime. In particular, Alison Cope, who lost her son, Joshua Ribera, to a fatal knife attack in 2013. Alison has since worked tirelessly to campaign for knife crime laws to change, for harsher sentences and for better education for children and young people in the dangers of carrying a knife in Birmingham and the wider area.

 Coventry Cathedral, 14th March - 5th May 2019

Coventry Cathedral, priory Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB

The Knife Angel was erected outside Coventry Cathedral, where it stood proudly in front of the Angel St Michael sculpture. The cathedral was bombed almost to destruction during a massive attack on the city by German bombers on the night of November 14th, 1940. The Knife Angel will encourage reflection and empathy from viewers for all the knife crime victims the sculpture honours and immortalises.  We worked together with Coventry City Council and in particular Cllr Ed Ruane, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, who personally championed the Knife Angel's move to the city. Knife crime in Coventry is a serious issue currently after several high-profile attacks, including the fatal stabbings of The Specials’ Neville Staple’s grandson, Fidel Glasgow, 16-year-old Jaydon James and 27-year-old Daniel Kennell. The city hope the Knife Angel's arrival could improve awareness of the affects knife crime has not only had on the victims and their families, but the community as a whole. The City of Coventry is set to be the City of Culture for the year 2021 and the Knife Angel's visit will be the start of what is to come. 

 Hull, Queens Gardens, 4th February - 4th March 2019

Queens gardens, Hull, HU1 3DJ

The Angel was on display here until the 4th of March 2019. So many people went to see the sculpture in the city from all walks of life. From School children, to tourists, people who live in the city and even officers of Humberside Police who helped implement knife amnesties during the Angel's creation. We worked closely with Humberside Police and 'The RICH Foundation' charity run by Kayleigh Pepper. Kayleigh and her family lost her 25-year-old brother, Richard, to a fatal knife attack in 2015 and since Kayleigh decided to set up 'The RICH Foundation' in July 2016 in his honour. Through the charity, she has helped over 18 families who have lost loved ones to knife crime. She has supported them with expenses for all aspects of funerals such as coffins and flowers, and has also supported families through the grieving process. Kayleigh was a huge influence in ensuring the Knife Angel reached Hull where she thought its message could have a powerful impact on the people that live in the city. Alongside the support of Kayleigh, Officer Christian Sewell (PC 246) of Humberside Police also spearheaded the campaign in getting the sculpture to Hull. He has seen first-hand how knife crime and violence affects the community and the families. His drive to show the people of Hull the Knife Angel, its message, and how it could potentially impact the youth of the city into thinking twice before carrying a knife, was astounding.

 Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 1st December - 31st January 2018/19

St James Mt, Liverpool L1 7AZ

The first leg of the Knife Angel's tour of the UK was in the city of Liverpool. Rob Jackson, a nurse from The Royal University Hospital, had worked for many years in the A&E departments and time and time again had seen horrific injuries from knife attacks. Through this, he wanted to make a change and make the city of Liverpool aware that knife crime and violence is a serious problem. Rob managed to gain the support of Merseyside Police, the City Council and Everton Football Club in getting the Knife Angel sculpture to Liverpool in time for Christmas 2018. The Cathedral also held a 'Farewell to the Knife Angel' at the end of its display, hosted by the very Reverend Dr Sue Jones. The Vigil was attended by families and friends who had lost loved ones to knife crime and violence, anti-knife crime awareness groups, and anyone who had been touched by the Knife Angel.

Following the Knife Angel's visit, Liverpool reported over 250,000 cathedral visitors during the sculpture's 28 day stay.