The National Police & Community Support Programme

Following the original conception of the Knife Angel, we contacted the Home Office requesting to work alongside all national police forces to collect the knives necessary to create the monument. We hoped that this collaboration would bring about the introduction of new knife amnesties across the country to ensure that blades were being safely taken off the streets of Britain. We offered to supply all 43 Police Constabularies with knife banks as part of our ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign. Permission was granted and the campaign took off immediately, with our very first knife banks distributed by the West Mercia Police. Throughout this initial leg of the campaign, we created over 500 knife banks and bins which were distributed internally and externally all over the country.

Specifically designed to help raise more awareness, better educate our community youth, and ultimately create the social change necessary to help end knife crime and all other forms of violence, the Knife Angel’s official National Anti-Violence Tour began in November 2018. The tour has already benefitted a large number of towns and cities spanning across the country and, as part of the Knife Angel’s legacy, we want to ensure that it continues to create a positive impact long after the monument leaves a particular location. Through this, we have developed the National Police & Community Support Programme, whereby all host locations and any other interested locations are offered the chance to collaborate with ourselves to create a number of heavily subsidised and permanent knife/gun banks for their town or city. Interested? Read our list of frequently asked questions below to find out more!

Knife Banks Birmingham & Coventry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my town or city eligible for your knife/gun banks?

The simple answer is yes. All towns and cities with enough passion and drive to take the necessary action to reduce violent behaviour within their communities are eligible. Whilst we strongly encourage all Knife Angel hosts to continue the monument’s legacy through knife/gun banks, all UK locations are offered this same support whether they have hosted the Angel or not.

What kind of knife/gun bank do you offer?

We offer three different knife/gun bank designs – standard, deluxe and extra-large. The type of knife/gun bank that you choose will depend largely on what you require it for and the locations in which you plan to place them. To help you make the right decision, here is a summary of each design:

Standard (B): - Our standard knife and gun banks are the most popular choice among forces. These banks can be specifically tailored for standard sized knives or handguns, depending on your requirements.

Deluxe (A): - Our deluxe knife and gun banks have a larger capacity than our standard designs and are normally placed in external locations across towns and cities. These banks are tailored for standard sized knives and handguns, depending on your requirements.

Extra-Large (C): - Our extra-large knife and gun banks have the largest capacity and can hold larger knives, swords and shot-guns depending on your requirements. These banks are often placed externally in areas with higher crime rates.

Knife Bank Types 

Can we put our own livery on the knife/gun banks?

Yes! Whilst our own logo and the ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ livery will also be present on the design, we will work alongside you to include all of your required livery too. Many forces choose to include their own logo as well as the logos of any other parties or sponsors involved in the process of creating the knife/gun banks.

Knife Banks Livery

How big are each of the knife/gun banks?

Here are the exact measurements for each of the knife/gun bank designs - Standard (B), Deluxe (A) and Extra-Large (C). This should help you to make the decision over which banks are the most suitable for your town or city. We advise also considering the locations in which you intend to place the knife/gun banks before going ahead with a particular design.

Knife Bank Sizes

How much will each knife/gun bank cost?

The costs will largely depend on the type of knife/gun banks that you require for your specific location. As a general rule, our standard banks cost approximately £1,100.00 each, including all necessary livery. For exact costs, we recommend getting in contact to discuss this further as costs do vary largely depending on your individual requirements.

Will the Ironworks subsidise the costs involved?

Yes, we will help by subsiding your costs as much as possible. The amount we subsidise will depend largely on your individual requirements and circumstance. We subsidise costs providing that you make the commitment to utilise the money saved to create and conduct anti-violence educational programmes and workshops for your community youth. We also ask that the remaining money is put towards deputising your regional youth to become Anti-Violence Champions. It is our current goal to deputise a total of 100,000 children and young people to renounce violence as a solution for solving issues and disputes. You can find out more about this initiative here.

What do we need to do once we have the knife/gun banks?

Once collected, the knife/gun banks need to be safely and securely distributed and installed across your town or city. We advise placing each bank in a secure public place that is easily accessible by everyone. We also advise that at least one knife/gun bank is placed in every area that your police force covers. The banks will need to be regularly checked and emptied by members of the force.

Extra-Large Knife Bank

Can you install the knife/gun banks for us?

Yes, we can help to install your knife/gun banks in your chosen locations. This will incur an additional cost which will depend entirely on your location and the way that you want the banks to be installed. To discuss this further, please get in touch.

What should the collected knives/guns be used for?

All knives and guns collected through these banks should be used to create something for ongoing educational purposes. This could be a sculpture that carries the Knife Angel’s legacy or a memorial to educate young people about how violence affects the community. Whatever you choose to create using the collected weaponry, it must carry the permanent objective to better educate your regional youth about violent behaviour.

Our knife/gun banks have been used by all 43 UK Police Constabularies, with many still in circulation across the country. Made using high-grade steel for maximum security, each knife/gun bank is expertly crafted and hand-finished in our workshops. As part of this initiative, we supply these knife/gun banks at absolutely no profit to ourselves, only asking that the money saved through our subsidies is utilised to educate your community youth about the negative effects of violent behaviour.

Knife Bank Creation

If your town or city would be interested in this programme, please get in touch to discuss your options further. As with all of our initiatives, we always encourage you to organise a visit with us at our location in Oswestry, Shropshire. Here, we can provide further information and personalised/tailored advice to help you get the maximum benefits out of the programme. Of course, this isn’t always geographically possible, so feel free to call us on 0800 6888386 or email us at to get the ball rolling.