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Welcome to the official Knife Angel page. Here you will be able to find everything you need to know about the National Monument against Violence and Aggression and its incredible journey.

The sculpture is bringing to light just how bad knife crime and violence is within the UK and how something needs to change before it's too late.

Learn how the project started and the steps we had to take to make our idea of creating an Angel out of knives come to life. With the support and hard work of all 43 UK police forces, knife crime charities and action groups, the families that have been directly affected, and a very talented artist, the Knife Angel was born.

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You can also follow the Knife Angel's journey around the UK and find out where it has been, and where it plans to visit next. 

The Knife Angel Tour - Where is it now?

The British Ironwork Centre 13th June - TBC

The British Ironwork Centre, SY11 4JH

The Knife Angel has come home!

National Monument Returns to Ironworks for Some TLC

Beginning its official national tour back in December 2018, the Knife Angel has now been on the road for just over six months! This incredible journey has seen the monument travel from Liverpool to Hull, Coventry, and Birmingham. The tour has been running very smoothly since its start but, unfortunately, we have hit a little bit of a hiccup in the road.

Gloucester was set to host the Angel outside of their cathedral following its time in Birmingham but made the decision to no longer have it as they felt they weren’t ready to commit to our youth engagement requirement. It is important to us that every hosting city uses the Angel to run important educational programmes and workshops for their youth. These programmes must be designed to highlight the national blight of violence and aggression within the UK whilst simultaneously educating school children and youth about the negative effects that knife crime has on families, victims, communities and perpetrators. Despite this unforeseen break, we remain positive and will be using this period of time to have the Knife Angel back home, in its birthplace of Shropshire, for some much-needed TLC. This time will allow us to get the Angel prepared for the next leg of its journey whilst allowing our visitors to get the chance to view the Angel in its location of conception. 

Getting the Angel back out onto the field is the highest priority for us as we want to keep up the momentum of its important message and perpetuate a seamless journey to ensure that knife crime doesn’t fall from the national spotlight. Because of this, we will be urging cities who have previously shown interest in hosting the Angel to fast-track their positions in order to help continue our journey to significantly decrease the violent behaviour seen plaguing the entirety of our nation. If your town, city, cathedral or other location of national significance would be interested in hosting the Angel, please do get in touch with us!

Find Out More About the Making of the Knife Angel

The Making of The Knife Angel

The team here at the Ironworks, along with artist Alfie Bradley, discussed the idea of creating an Angel sculpture made completely out of knives to grab attention and bring the issue of knife crime to the front of society’s consciousness.  We contacted the Home Office to ask their permission to collect surrendered knives and weapons from all 43 UK police forces in the hope the knives could form the main part of the sculpture. This would show the sheer volume that the country is dealing with.  This was also in the hope that this initiative would bring about the introduction of new knife amnesties with the Ironworks offering to supply each force with knife banks completely free of charge. We were successful, and permission was granted, so the campaign took off.

 “Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife” was born.

To learn more about the making of the Knife Angel, Click Here:

Find Out More About the Making of the Knife Angel

Family and Charity Support

Throughout this campaign, we have had a huge amount of families and knife crime prevention charities support the Knife Angel and what it hopes to achieve - a better national awareness of the effects of knife crime and violence. The #savealife #surrenderyourknife campaign and all it stands for is driven by change and uniting the nation to have one stance, one voice against knife crime. Each individual family and organisation has it's own battle for change, but the Knife Angel and #savealife #surrenderyourknife unites them all. Without them and all of the brave and courageous work they do, we wouldn't be where we are today. We wanted to feature each of their stories and how their efforts have made the Knife Angel stronger.

To learn more about the families and charities involved, Click Here: 

Families and Charities