National Hospice & NHS Support Programme

Hospice and NHS fundraising IDEAS!!

Over the years, we have created a large number of different metal flower designs in a huge array of bright colours and tones. These flowers can now be found in homes all of the country, adding a pop of colour to thousands of gardens and interior settings! To view all of the designs that we have created so far, please click the link below.

Hospice Flowers Photo Gallery

Families and Charities

St Gemma's Hospice       Birmingham St Mary's Hospice       LOROS Hospice       Severn Hospice     
The Prince of Wales Hospice             St Luke's Hospice       St Richard's Hospice      
St Luke's Lottery       Isabel Hospice       Farleigh Hospice       Nightingale Hospice      
Herriot Hospice       Barnsley Hospice       St Benedict's Hospice       Katherine House      
Hospice of the Good Shepherd       St Catherine's Hospice       St Michael's Hospice       Cynthia Spencer Hospice      
Wigan Leigh Hospice       Havens Hospice       Hosbis Dewi Sant - St David's Hospice       Children's Bereavement Centre      
Longfield       Nottinghamshire Hospice       Nottinghamshire Hospice      

To find out more about our Hospice Support Programme and our seasonal campaigns, please refer to the links below.

About Our Hospice & NHS Support Programme

Beginning in 2016 as a way to support our local hospice, Severn Hospice in Shropshire, our National Hospice Support Programme has come a long way since. Designed to help hospices all across the country to raise additional funding for their individual causes, we help a large number of hospices create their personal campaigns each year. Our group of supported hospices is continually expanding, and we are always happy to welcome new groups! Find out more about the programme and how your hospice can join by clicking the link below. 

Hospice Support Programme

Families and Charities

Hospice & NHS Support Programme: Christmas Campaign 2020

To help kickstart hospice’s fundraising throughout the festive season, we are offering ALL hospices across the UK the opportunity to take part in a Christmas 2020 ‘Forget Me Not’ campaign. This campaign features our classic ‘Forget Me Not’ designs reimagined as miniature Christmas tree decorations. To find out more, and to get your hospice involved, please click the link below.

Hospice 2020 Christmas Campaign

Families and Charities

Hospice & NHS Support Programme Awards & Certificates

Since our Hospice Support Programme began a few years ago, we have helped hospices all over the UK to raise an enormous amount of additional funding for their individual causes. Many hospices have awarded us with certificates to thank us for our support and to showcase the incredible amount of money that they have raised through their individual ‘Forget Me Not’ campaigns. Click the link below to view all of the awards and certificates that we have received so far. 

Hospice Support Programme Certificates

Families and Charities

Hospice Testimonials

Ashgate Hospicecare - Received 20th May 2021

"Thank you for sending over our final bulk of flowers recently! Our sales are going great so far, we think we've sold over half the stock of our flowers already. Our supporters have had nothing but compliments for your beautiful flowers - so thank you again!"

Hospice & NHS Flowers Care & Maintenance

All of our metal hospice campaign flowers are crafted from high-quality metal materials and hand-finished by workshop experts in-house. These metal flowers have predominantly been designed for indoor use or placement within under cover exterior locations only. However, if you do wish to place your flowers outdoors, we have detailed some general advice for you to follow. To care for your hospice flower, please click the link below to find out more!

Hospice Flowers Care & Maintenance

Families and Charities

Rainbow Fundraising Tree (Free)

The Rainbow Fundraising Tree is new for 2021 and is hoped to become the best fundraising catalyst to date. Provided on the basis that it is used for the raising of funds which are used strictly for charitable purposes, each tree is designed to accommodate thousands of leaves which can be provided in all 7 colours of the rainbow. Each leaf is sold to supporters for remembering a loved one or a hero that deserves recognition, providing numerous reasons for the public to get involved. Though leaves are the most popular choice of decoration, it is possible to use an entirely different symbol such as angels, hearts, butterflies or one of your choice. All of these can be provided in the colours of the rainbow or, if you desire, in your specific charity colours. Each leaf or symbol is sold to supporters for anything from £2.99 to £9.99, with the actual cost being heavily subsidized by ourselves at 99p. As well as being available in a choice of colours, they are also engravable and are made from powder coated stainless steel. To ensure that you spend more time fundraising rather than facilitating, we will take care of supplying the tree to you free of charge. This includes delivery to any UK mainland location as well as collection at the conclusion of your campaign, leaving you to focus on the fundraising itself with a campaign that is tailored specifically to you. Though many fundraising campaigns tend to last one year, the tree will be available to you for a period of 18 months to help maximise the reach and impact of your campaign. As this structure is significant in size, it is important to note that it will require anchoring to the ground. The tree is supplied with a circular foundation plate which can be fastened to a metal plate using heavy duty pegs, but we would highly recommend concreting the tree into position. If you would like to participate in this unique fundraising opportunity, please contact us directly. Our aim is to enable a maximum of 50 charities to raise over 1 million pounds this year.

Introducing our NHS & Hospice Rainbow Daisies

We wanted to tell you a little more about our Rainbow NHS and Hospice Daisy.

Made from stainless steel and hand painted, these daisies really capture the spirit of our National Health Service in the Rainbow colours and dedication of Hospice's across the UK.

Each flower has been designed to feature a photo frame centre, for you to include a photograph of a lost loved one or even the hospice or hospital charity logo. These daisies have a hidden special feature, a hollow stem. This means supporters can keep a special love note or persons name inside the stem to add even more sentiment.

This daisy has been designed purely to support in raising funds for Hospitals and Hospice's across the UK. If you think your hospital or Hospice could benefit from selling these flowers, please get in touch on Visit our NHS and Hospice page for further details.