Here at the British Ironwork Centre, we are extremely blessed by the extraordinary volume of patrons and members (now approaching 150K) who visit us on a daily basis. Through our social conscience, we have always tried to operate alongside the community in order to share our assets and popularity, which is why we are now taking these efforts to a whole new, and very creative, level.

Our visitors thoroughly enjoy seeing and interacting with artists at work within their studios here, which is why we are now dedicating a number of studio spaces to pop-up artisan workshops. Artisans from all across the region and nation are invited to utilise one of these unique spaces to launch their artistic business or accelerate their creative journeys.

These casual pop-up spaces are ideal for artists who are keen to launch their ideas, test and trial their craft through public reaction, and gain invaluable insight and inspiration through their experience. All spaces are supplied completely free of charge and are specifically designed as a launchpad, not a permanent set-up. There are no commitments or obligations – just an informal place for you to work, exhibit and hopefully sell your crafts!

 Bill Wilson - Pop-up Sculptor

Bill Wilson, Planter Sculptor

We are thoroughly encouraging artists and crafters of all types to come in and use these facilities, where we will help to celebrate your craft, support your endeavours and enable you to move forward in the creative world. Whether you’re a wood carver, jewellery maker, painter, cartoonist, author or taxidermist, we accept all crafts and artforms and really look forward to seeing the kind of artisans who will be using these pop-ups!

If you’re an artist, or know of an artist, who would love to take this unique opportunity, then please get in contact with us via email at

Please include the following information in the body of your email:

Tell us a bit about yourself!

What is your craft?

What kind of facilities would you require? I.e. full workshop, outdoor space, tables etc.

Following receipt of your email, we will always value the opportunity to meet you beforehand to discuss your pop-up further. Spaces will be provided on a temporary and first-come-first-serve basis.

Bespoke Painted Rock

Bespoke Painted Rock Inspired by Our Giraffe Sculptures by Rosemary

Examples of artisans who have already utilised our facilities for miniature pop-ups include face painters, crochet and needlework artists, rock painters, planter sculptors, and much more. Will you be the next artist to join our Artist Support Programme?