Kadai Bowl Care & Maintenance


 Fire Pits, Wood Burners, Patio Heaters & Braziers Placement & Maintenance


Our burners and fire pits have been made using the highest quality iron and steel both new and, in some cases, genuinely used and recycled as with our Kadai Indian Fire Bowls. All of our iron and steel products are supplied untreated, unless otherwise stated, in a primer or base coat only.  Due to the nature of the metalwork, all metal items will corrode and age over time. 


Unlike indoor burners, outdoor burners will inevitably develop a surface rust due to their exposure to moisture in the air and other outdoor elements.   This is especially the case once the burners have been used, as in most cases the intense heat will remove any protective paint applied.  This oxidation process, in most cases, does not generally affect the durability of the log burners themselves.  The burners will develop an “aged” patina which many people find attractive, choosing to leave their burner untreated to age naturally in a burnished orange colour. The below picture details the unique, authentic burnished patina that can be achieved.


Kadai Bowl + Burner Ageing


The rate at which the burner rusts will depend on the conditions that it is kept in. It is important to note that burners stored near the coast will corrode faster due to the high salt content in the air.  If desired, you can paint your burner using a heat resistant or anti-corrosion paint, but we wouldn’t recommend this as no paint will be able to withstand the high heat and will deteriorate over time, ultimately losing their non-corrosive properties. However, there are other special measures that you can take to slow down the oxidation process and maintain your burner in the best condition possible.


Fire Pit & Burner Placement


The placement of your burner is highly important when it comes to both optimising the bowl’s unique functionality and ensuring that you are safe throughout its use. When it comes to choosing the perfect position for your fire bowl or wood burner, there are a few essential points that need to be taken into consideration.


  • Always ensure that your burner is placed on a flat, stable surface or otherwise supported by an appropriately sized ash pan. The best placement for a burner would be on a stone or concrete surface. Do not place your burner on any wooden surface, such as decking or raised wooden pallets. You can place your burner on grass, however we would not recommend this as the heat from the bottom of the bowl will cause the grass to scorch underneath the burner.
  • Do not use indoors. These burners are designed for outdoor use only and may cause serious harm or damage due to carbon monoxide accumulation if placed indoors. Do not use in any enclosed space such a shed or garage, and do not use under any combustible construction such as a tent or canopy.
  • Always ensure there is a water supply nearby your burner should you need to dampen the fire at any point during use.
  • As with any naked flame, we do not recommend leaving your burner unattended when in use. Children will always need to be supervised when your burner is lit.  

Kadai Bowl & Burner Placement


Additional Tips


  • Rust, if required, can be easily removed with a wire brush, wire wool or sandpaper by gently rubbing away at the affected areas of the metal. Applying a thin layer of oil (like vegetable oil) when the bowl is cool will season and help protect the metalwork. Alternatively, a metal-based paint could be applied regularly.
  • Cover or move your burner into a closed area, such as a shed, when not in use to keep the metal away from harsh outdoor elements and most importantly, rain.
  • Don’t leave your burner sat on wet ground, particularly wet grass, as this will only accelerate the natural corrosion process.
  • Remove ashes after use. This is very important as the acidic nature of the ash can be destructive to the burner’s metalwork.
  • Do not use large amounts of cold water to put out any fires as the sudden drop in temperature could cause the metal to crack.
  • We would not recommend using anything other than wood in your burners, especially not house coal.


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