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Travelling to Shropshire and Welsh Borders

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Shout Out to Tourism Providers

Are you based in Shropshire or within the Welsh Borders? Are you operating or offering tourist accommodation, services or activities?

If you are we want to help, by showing and sharing your information to our visitors. Please do drop off or post your leaflets, brochures or fliers to us.

We want to share your details with our visitors, in an effort to keep visitors within the area, LONGER.

This is not a reciprocal offer, we do not expect you to carry any of our leaflets.

Tourism Providers - Do We Have Your Leaflets?

We have become an official tourist information centre!

Wednesday 14th January 2015 saw in the alliance of several companies across North Shropshire with the goal of creating more tourism for the local area.


From left to right - Corrie Davies - Shropshire Council Tourism Officer, David Higman - MBE Tourism, Alison Patrick - Shropshire Council Tourism Officer, Rachel Page, Emma Kelly, Ellie Stevenson - Tourism Students Walford College, Clive Knowles - Chairman of The British Ironwork Centre, Louise Gregory - Tourism Tudor For Walford College, Councillor Steven Charmley, Rachel Wildman & Emma Parry - Heritage Ambassadors at The British Ironwork Centre, Sian Roberts - Retail & Information Manager at the Mile End Tourist Information Centre, Kenny Anthonisz - Health & Safety Officer at The British Ironwork Centre.

History (How it Started)

Callum Roberts & Kenny Anthonisz - Relocation of the Tourist Information Centre from the Mile End Island to the British Ironwork Centre in 2015 .

"It's incredibly positive, each partner benefits positivity. 

The college support the initiative and given paid work experience for the tourism students, The County Council benefits from ensuing quality and reliability is maintained, The British Ironworks benefits from additional visitors.

This is probably a unique example of how working together, problems can overcome. 

I believe this can be used as a role model ongoing for partnerships, it's incredibly practical and imaginative, everyone benefits, especially our visitors to North Shropshire."

- Clive Knowles - Chairman of The British Ironwork Centre

The Tourism Information Centre reopening with the help of The British Ironwork Centre

Owen Paterson MP & Clive Knowles Chairman of The British Ironwork Centre - Owen Paterson who visited the Centre features small businesses and entrepreneurial initiatives at the heart of his campaign programme and praised the community spirit demonstrated by the the centre. 

Tourism Initiative Gains Momentum & Support

A tourism initiative which developed from a challenged issue to local students is gathering huge interest and positive reaction. 

The British Ironwork Centre, based in Aston, Challenged Walford and North Shropshire College travel and tourism students to devide plans to address the problems faced by Oswetry in attracting visitors to the town and surrounding areas. 

One of the main issues highlighted in the students' reports was the fourthcoming reduction in hours of Oswetry's Mile End Tourist Information Centre, which is to be closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, leaving potential visitors without information regarding the town's attractions.

Following the competition, it was suggested that the British Ironwork Centre worked in partnership with the college to address local tourism issues, and in particular this highlighted gap in service provision.