Meet The Team

Clive Knowles
Chairman & Founder

Our interests in running this business are, of course, to ensure our customers are cared for, that they would always wish to return, and that together we gain a mutual benefit in the long-term. However, we have little to no interest in following the more corporate route of chasing sales or increasing profitability at any cost. We always prefer to operate within a more conscious based ethos. This means that we effectively make decisions based on the good of all involved, our customers, our community, our nation and all of the staff and artisans working here. It may sound a little reminiscent of the kibbutz concept but we know, that by taking a very proactive stance on all the elements in running our business, that we can achieve and enrich many goals, simultaneously benefiting so much more than just ourselves. If you have any further questions, please contact me on

The Directors

Benjamin Knowles
Managing Director

Ben is responsible for the operational side of the business, ensuring that we are always moving towards our goals and aspirations. Ben oversees all members of the team to make sure that everything is constantly evolving and moving forward. From the website to the warehouse to customer service and beyond, Ben is the one helping to guide the operation. He enjoys spending as much time as possible speaking with our customers and providing support, if you would like to speak with him directly, please feel free to do so! His other passions include marketing and design which he’ll do during any free time he might have.


Sophia Knowles
Operations Director

Sophia’s role as Operations Director is certainly varied and requires extreme dedication to operational and functional excellence, including overseeing the provision of services. Her role entails having a hand in virtually every aspect of the business, and she is the one responsible for ensuring that it all runs smoothly day in and day out. Her aim is to maintain the high standard that The British Ironwork Centre is known for, and she hopes to see you all at our upcoming events!


Customer Services Team

Joanne Jones
Graphic Designer & Publicity

Joanne is responsible for constantly redesigning and updating our website with new offers and promotions as they arise throughout every year. Her role requires a keen eye for design and pushes her to think outside of the box. She designs all brochures and literature that is sent out to our customers and is tasked with ensuring that products are shown clearly and that pictures are easy to understand. She also ensures we are always reflected well and regularly in the media, dealing with all press releases to trade magazines, publications and newspapers.‏‏


Sarah McManus
PA & Social Media

Sarah is responsible for looking after our social media accounts and ensures that we are represented with a clear voice to all our followers. She is also the PA to management and heavily involved in our community and charity work which is really close to our hearts. Sarah helps to voice many of our Public Relations projects and was heavily involved in the creation of our 26ft Knife Angel by communicating with the police forces and following the progression of the campaign. As the business has grown, so have our social media accounts and we now have over 26,000 followers to keep updated with news and events at The British Ironwork Centre.

Chris Nadin
Online Administrator & Photographer

Chris’s role involves the constant maintenance of the Black Country Metal Works website to ensure that the online side of business is always running smoothly. He ensures that all offers and new lines are listed correctly for the customer, that products are up to date and accurate, and that the site is easy to access and use. He also photographs products, making sure that they are shown accurately for the customer to easily understand what they are purchasing when shopping online with us.


David Edwards
Ecommerce Channel Manager

David is responsible for monitoring key Ecommerce channels to provide the highest standard of customer care and satisfaction. His role demands consistency, a constant watchful eye and the keen ability to understand customers and their needs. He is also known as our ‘Lighting Expert’ as his knowledge of our wonderful lighting range knows no bounds. David is always happy to help and answer any burning questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact him!


Rebecca Davies
Purchasing Manager

Rebecca is an integral part of the purchasing team and is responsible for a range of important tasks. From ensuring that our website stock is consistently up to date to making sure our workshop is completing production on time, she is the one that brings the products to our centre, website, and to the customer! Rebecca also has a keen eye for design and style, something which goes hand-in-hand with her job role when it comes to sourcing the very best in new products.‏



Tracey Knowles
Website Development & Quality Control

Tracey is responsible for checking the quality of our goods before they go out onto our shop floor or leave our warehouse for online orders. She is also responsible for ensuring that everything is described correctly and thoroughly on the website. Her role means that she is constantly working on website text and end user information.‏




Accounts Team

Bruce Pittman
Accounts Manager

Bruce’s role is looking after our accounts department and ensures all things financial are kept under careful watch. He is responsible for the smooth running of all our company accounts and is also tasked with ensuring all customer payments and refunds are made on time. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions regarding your payments or if you would like any account information.




Showroom Team

Emma Parry
Visual Merchandiser

As one of our most creative team members, Emma is responsible for all showroom and outdoor display areas. Her job is to constantly think outside the box to display our products, sculpture pieces and artwork in innovative and visually appealing ways. Emma’s keen eye for detail and creative imagination sees her talents stretch much further than just our showroom. If you have been to some of our events including Santa’s Grotto and The Halloween Spooktacular, Emma’s handy work can be seen all across the site! She prides herself on creating that WOW factor for every single one of our visitors and wants everyone to leave having witnessed something truly unique. 



Paula Evans-Jones
Showroom Assistant

Paula is responsible for ensuring that our showroom is always looking its very best and that every customer has the assistance they need whilst shopping or browsing with us. Her role requires her to be constantly moving through the showroom to make sure that she is always available if you have any questions or need any help with regard to showroom products. There is certainly never a dull moment in our showroom and Paula is the one who ensures everything is running smoothly!



Louise Powell
Till Supervisor

Louise’s job role involves providing the very best customer service to all of our wonderful visitors. She is constantly on her toes to ensure that our standards remain high through each and every day in the showroom. From ringing up your purchase to making sure everything is packaged up ready for you to take home, Louise always does her job with a smile on her face! 



Forge Café Team 


Hazel Cagaanan

Hazel has worked with us for over 3 years now and her experience and knowledge has become invaluable to the smooth running of our cafe. Hazel doesn’t mind getting stuck into whatever task is thrown at her and always has a smile on her face.




Chelsea Morris
Café Attendant

Chelsea’s role requires her to be a true coffee connoisseur in creating beautifully artistic coffees and other tasty hot beverages! She is also responsible for taking customer orders, serving food and ensuring that all customers are kept happy and well fed throughout their visit to our Forge Café. She is truly dedicated to her job and always serves her creations with a friendly attitude and a big smile.





Warehouse & Workshop Team

Neil Grieve
Warehouse Manager

As Warehouse Manager, Neil’s duties include overseeing the day to day running of our warehouse, and the careful picking, packing, checking and handling of all of your orders and requirements. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring that everything is dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. He is also responsible for the setting up of our trade and retail stands at exhibits and shows around the country and is the warehouse first-aider.


Bobbie Phillips
Packing Supervisor

Bobbie joined us to help strengthen the speed and efficiency of our order preparation and dispatch department. He has gained sufficient experience here and is now responsible for ensuring that all packing staff are performing to the high standard that we expect here. He is the one that makes sure that all online orders are fulfilled and dispatched as carefully and quickly as possible!


Adrian Clark
Grounds Maintenance

Adrian is responsible for ensuring everything within our grounds are all ship-shape and dandy. With over 90 acres of land to take care of, it’s hardly surprising that Adrian has a really long list of jobs to do every day. From the green rolling meadows to the wooded coppices, it all needs nurturing and care. His time is completely absorbed by ensuring each and every visitor is safe and feels that they’ve entered a small part of Shropshire heaven.

Adam Coles
Ground Maintenance & Landscaping

Adam’s responsibilities are keeping the grounds and sculpture park in beautiful and pristine order. With over 20 acres of manicured lawns and gardens to tend to, Adam can be seen working all over the site grounds to make sure everything is always looking its best. As Shropshire’s premier sculpture park, the importance of high presentation is of the utmost priority.



Adrian Coldicott
Retail Support Advisor

Adrian has been with us for over 25 years now and is a very important and integral part of our company woodwork. He is involved with all special product ranges that are produced and supplied by The British Ironwork Centre to bespoke customers. It is Ade’s job to ensure that the right product reaches the right customer on time, and he’ll often be the one hand-delivering these speciality items. Essentially, he is responsible for all unique products by overseeing their design process, creation and safe delivery for individual clients.



William Mervyn Jones
Paint & Finishing Shop Manager

Merv looks after all of our daily production runs, ensuring that our high level of quality is maintained. He is involved in the inspection of products to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape, the organisation and completion of remedial work, and putting the all-important finishing touches on custom paint and finish products. His expertise are exceptionally broad and he is able to tackle most projects, no matter how big or small, with expert ease.‏



Matt Oliver

Matt is our talented in-house blacksmith and is responsible for the creation of all our bespoke cast iron and metal products. He is also responsible for running our blacksmith experiences and, should you ever take part in a workshop one day, he’ll be the one teaching and guiding you to create your very own product in the forge! Matt’s knowledge of the forge knows no bounds and he is always using his creative talents to fire up something new. If it’s traditional metalwork you’re looking for – Matt’s the guy behind it! ‏



Jeremy Schrecker

Jeremy is a full time sculptor who has helped us to create several public works of art, and we have since had lots of enquiries for bespoke work all across the UK. While he is independent and has his own workshop, he very much enjoys working with us on our site, as we do have some very challenging projects. Jeremy’s strength is bronze castings but he also works in iron and other materials. He had a lot of involvement working alongside Clive to create several iron sculptures for our Urban Safari Trail.