Working with a social conscience for our community and nation

Meet The Team







Hello, my name is Sophia Knowles.My role as Operations Director is certainly varied and requires dedication to operational and functional excellence, including overseeing the provision of services. My role entails me to have a hand in virtually every aspect of the business, and I am tasked with ensuring it all runs smoothly. My aim is to maintain the high standard that The British Ironwork Centre is known for, I hope to see you all at our upcoming events.

Customer Services Team

It’s my job to coordinate the overall day to day running of our busy General office. I look after all of our loyal Trade customers, as well as overseeing the care of new Customers and Queries.I place all of the orders on to our system and process the invoices. I also assist with credit control. Another area of my job is working alongside Vanessa in the exportation of our goods. I have been with the company for 11 years, this has enabled me to possess a wealth of knowledge which furthers my ability to assist with any queries.


Hi, my role is to redesign and update our website with new offers and promotions, as they arise. I design all the brochures and literature that is sent out to our customers, and I ensure that products are shown clearly and that pictures are easy to understand.I also ensure we are always reflected well and regularly in the Media, dealing with all press releases to Trade Magazines, publications and Newspapers.

 Hi, my name is Sarah and I look after our Social Media accounts. I am also PA to the management and heavily involved in our community and charity work which is really close to our hearts. At the moment we are creating a 26ft sculpture made from knives collected through knife amnesties. I am heavily involved in the communication with the forces and the progression of the campaign. As the business has grown, so have our social media accounts and we now have over

10,000 followers to keep updated with news and events at
The British Ironwork centre.

Hi, my name is Chris. My role is the maintenance of the Black Country Metalworks website. Making sure all offers and new lines are listed correctly for the customer, also making sure products are up to date and accurate, making the site easy to use. I also photograph products making sure they are shown accurately for the customer to easily understand what they are purchasing.


Hi there, my name is David. I monitor key eCommerce channels, my aim is to provide the highest standard of customer care. I am also known as the 'Lighting Expert' as my knowledge our wonderful lighting range knows no bounds. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have.


 Hello, I'm Christian. I am the resident computer genius. I am responsible for moving the company into the 21st century with the latest integrated software system, to ensure our order processing and warehouse teams are as efficient as possible in processing orders. My further concern is system efficiencies in moving and storing all our product lines.


Accounts Team

Hi, my role is looking after our accounts department and ensuring all things financial are kept running smoothly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your payments or if you like any account information.



 help Bruce in Accounts, credit control and general office support. My role for the company is the running of the sales ledger and general accounts duties. I also run the credit control for the company making sure all accounts are kept up to date. Much of my time is also working with our ordering system. Agreeing with Credit Limits and Processing Credit Applications. General Accounts Enquiries, Accounts Administration.

 It’s my responsibility to run our purchase ledger system, to ensure we are always responsible and efficient partners to our suppliers. Of course it’s our aim to pay everyone on time, however we are subject to the same cash flow issues as all other growing and expanding Companies. Whilst my aim is to process all payments quickly and within the allotted credit term, I’ve also governed by our customer payments and our credit control efficiency’s. All told I will always ensure clear and honest answers are available, on request. All our suppliers are long standing, our policy on supply is centred around buying locally and supporting British manufactures.

The Talent

Hello, my name is Paul and I am one of the resident Blacksmiths here at The British Ironwork Centre. My role here is to demonstrate, educate and create. I have made some pretty amazing things during my time here at The British Ironwork Centre. 



 Hi, I'm Marc. I am a resident Blacksmith also. I can be found in The Forge where I will either be creating or carrying out a demonstration. My passion for this wonderful craft enables me to excite those around me.




Many of our visitors will know me as the artist behind the mighty Spoon Gorilla, or some may recognise me as the artist behind the Knife Angel, which is my most recent project. I spent two years at lycée in central France studying stone carving and a further year on the borders of Germany at a lycée specialising in sculpting, before leaving France for England in 2013 to look for work as a stone mason. A twist of fate resulted in my move to Oswestry and since then my portfolio has grown.

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The Showroom Team




I am responsible for the Showroom and outside display area, this is no mean task. Its 4 acres of outdoor display and a showroom that actually is , without question , the largest display of decorative ironwork in the UK. My career history surrounds Merchandising and display, creating exciting and visually inspired retail experiences.However my role here at Black Country metal works is really drawing on all my experience and imagination.

I’m solely accountable for ensuring, every customer feels the WOW factor on arrival and feeling they've witnessed something unique, after leaving. My ultimate compliment will be, everyone telling friends and family about our centre and advising them to visit too.


 As Sales Assistant my role is to support the Manager with stock control and merchandising.  After my many trips to Africa on safari, it is wonderful to see the life like sculptures here at the centre. 





 Hello my name is Paula, I have  worked within the showroom team since September 2016. Something that I really enjoy about working 

here is that there is never a dull moment. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and adventures in the great outdoors. I am also a keen knitter. 





 Hello, my role here at the centre involves providing the very best customer service to our wonderful visitors. I can often be seen power walking through the showroom doing jobs. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, my children are my world. 






My role involves the maintenance and development of our website I am based in the showroom where I work closely with the team and products.

Warehouse & Packing Team


I've joined the company to strengthen the speed and efficiency, of our order preparation and dispatch department.I aim to gain sufficient experience within this department and to obtain my own set of responsibilities, thereafter furthering my career within BCMW. I hope soon to take advantage of the many training schemes available within BCMW, forklift license to mention one.

I’m the guy that ensure, it’s all ship shape and dandy, with the ever-growing volume of visitors, it’s hardly surprising it all creates an enormous list of jobs to do.
The site, is rather extensive, sprawling over 90 acres, all of which has to look and feel wonderful, not to mention safe.
From the hard standing areas to the green rolling meadows, to the wooded coppices, it’s all needs nurturing and care, so my time is completely absorbed into ensuring ea and every visitor feels that they’ve entered a small part of Shropshire heaven ( known locally as God’s Country )
If we aren’t out mowing acres of grassland, we are maintaining sculptures and statues alike, needless to say, time here really does fly.
I would argue, I have the very best of freedom here, enjoying the summer and spring outside and helping inside during the worst of the winters, it’s a project that you really start to feel completely part off.

Joining the company as a resident maintenance, property and estate management supervisor, it’s my directive to ensure all the buildings and grounds are well maintained and help develop our infrastructure, to keep pace with our growth, my background is in building and construction covering the last 30 years, with the company developing quickly, there are always huge amounts of building and repair issues arising. Presently the number of staff based on just the Oswestry Site alone it's around 50 with expectations on this growing to 70 in 2014, with traditional buildings and grounds their comfort and Safety, is a responsibility we take exceptionally seriously. Added to this, the outside areas accumulating to a size of approximately 70 acres, divided between displays, Sculpture Park and farming, the work is varied and satisfying.

David Higman - Tourism Advisor

David Higman MBE

David has spent the past 27 years working in the tourist industry in and around the Oswestry area. His work has included the setting up of three transport museums, working with councils, assisting with TV and radio broadcasting on various tourism aspects.

Mathew Coulson

My duties include packing and handling your orders.Ensuring that I do this in an efficient and timely manner to avoid late deliveries.

Neil Grieve - Warehouse Manager

HI, my duties include overseeing the day to day running of our warehouse, and the careful picking, packing, checking and handling of all of your orders and requirements, and ultimately ensuring that these are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. I am also responsible for the setting up of our Trade and Retail stands at Exhibits and Shows, around the country and abroad.(Neil makes up all the display stands, and house signs - and has a good eye for detail)I am also the Warehouse First-Aider.

Adrian Coldicott

Kenton Owen - Meeter & Greeter

Adam Coles - Ground Maintenance and Landscaping

My responsibilities are keeping the grounds and sculpture park in beautiful order. With over 20 acres of manicured lawns and gardens and being Shropshire’s premier sculpture park, the importance of high presentation is of the utmost priority..

William Mervyn Jones

I look after all the daily production runs and ensuring quality is maintained.This normally includes inspection, organising remedial works etc.My expertise is very broad and very able to tackle most projects comfortably.

Wayne Sadler - Garrick Works supervisor

I look after the supervision of Garrick works, and all of the day to day tasks and activities. The entire site is my sole responsibility, ultimately I ensure the smooth running of it. This includes maintenance and security.I have worked for the company for the last 3 years and have previously been a sub-contractor for the last 10 years.

Tracy Knowles - Website Development and Quality Control

Hi, I am responsible for checking the quality of our goods and ensuring they are described correctly and thoroughly on the Website.

I work constantly on website text and end-user information.

Vanessa Marshall - Export Manager

Hello. I’m responsible for developing export sales to France and Spain. If you are an export customer and would like any information about our product range please call me on + 44 (0)1691 610952 or by email to

French & Spanish- Responsable ExportBonjour. Je suis responsable export pour la France et l’Espagne. Si vous souhaitez plus d’informations sur notre gamme merci de me contacter au +44 (0) 1691 610952 ou par mail a Responsable de ExportaciónHola. Soy responsable de exportación a España y Francia. Si necesitan alguna información sobre nuestra gama pueden llamarme al + 44 (0) 1691 610952 o por mail a

Clive Knowles - Chairman & Founder

Hi, my job is ultimately to make sure everyone else is doing theirs, correctly.This, of course, is after I have accomplished all the other thousands of jobs that land unceremoniously on my desk every day.Seriously though, the buck stops here with me, and if you do have any concerns or queries that you need a fast and final answer for, please feel free to email, or telephone.


Eric Schubert

Former Chairman, founder, and inspirational leader, Eric is the knowledge, the conscience, and the ultimate metal Guru!., here at Black Country Metal Works, and although retired and no longer at the helm every day, we still look to Eric for guidance, help, and resolve.Eric would be the first to admit, he can be very pig headed, when it comes to delivering the best in what we design and produce. We like to think we are continuing to carry his principles forward in creating a product that he is proud to give his valued endorsement to.Eric has over fifty years experience in everything to do with metalwork, from sheet metal working, panel beating, turning, spinning & fabrication.