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Save a Life Surrender Your Knife Project

There is an overwhelming tide of public opinion that wants to see this incredible national project fulfil its destiny, in raising country wide awareness of the epidemic that is knife crime.

The prevalent and ever growing problem is currently going unchallenged by many, with more weapons than ever on our streets.
The monument was created for one purpose, to highlight this extensive problem. Both government and the educational system need to open their eyes to the epidemic.
We can only succeed in doing this with your support; as such we have created the Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife petition. Only with your help can the memorial statue and its message reach those it was intended for.  (Link to petition page)

An Insight in to the Sculpture’s Beginnings

“Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife” began with the aim to raise awareness of the growing issue of knife crime throughout the UK. We hoped to achieve this through the creation of a majestic yet poignant knife angel sculpture, created using the surrendered weapons as well as those seized and donated by UK wide police forces and amnesties. 

Since then the Knife Angel statue and the campaign have only grown in ferocity and size. The Angel will be the only memorial ever created with all the different Police forces and the Home Office working together; it will be the UK’s greatest monument to anti-violence and aggression ever created. Working alongside the community and families who have tragically lost loved ones to knife crime, the Centre has been astounded by the support for the project. 

During 2015 and 2016 families affected, Chief police officers, politicians, celebrities, community leaders and ex-gang members renouncing violence, will all be welding their own knives in place or symbolically helping with its construction. Many have chosen to engrave personal wording on the blade prior to welding as an enduring message of loss and love for all to see.  

The Centre is also working on supplying knife amnesty banks for all constabularies and counties. These banks carry absolutely no cost for the police forces, they are designed, sign written or livered as each Police Force or community group directs.

All knives collected will go towards building the spectacular 20-23 feet tall Angel statue.

The memorial statue will be created from over 100,000 knives and will take most of 2015 to complete , its hoped the Angel will be erected in Trafalgar Square on the Forth Plinth b, thereafter residing in one of the UK’ s cities permanently.

Chairman Clive Knowles of the British Ironworks, is calling for all the 43 UK police forces to contribute knifes , together with all the campaign groups fighting knife crime and families effected by knife or street violence.

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