Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have a question about the British Ironworks Centre? We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions in the list below:


Do I have to be a member to visit?

Though a large part of the Centre is available to view for free, for the full British Ironworks experience you would need to become a member. For just £5 a year, membership gives you unlimited visits to the whole visitor experience for 12 months, which includes access to further amazing sculptures (including our Extinction Trail) and our indoor exhibitions, as well as access to our village green area, outdoor veranda, artisan units, Forge cafe and interiors showroom. To apply to become a member, simply fill in the form on this page

What do you get with a membership?

Membership not only gives you full and unlimited access to all our sculpture displays for 12 months, but your membership card will also get you fantastic discounts in our cafe, along with 10% off goods in our showroom (capped at £250 and does not include sale, clearance or some artist pieces). 

As well as all this, you will also have access to members only special offers, exclusive first access to events and event tickets, plus a whole host of other rewards! 

Why are you a members site?

There are various reasons behind our membership club. The first was to create a special venue that our visitors can connect with and feel a sense of pride to be associated with. Also, as we are a working site, it was important to ensure that our visitors acknowledged the various health and safety guidelines while visiting the centre. We also want to ensure that we maintain a quality and worthwhile experience for our visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

My membership application has been declined, what happens next?

If you have received notice that your membership application has been declined, we will action a refund of the £5 paid and ask that you return the temporary membership card issued at the gate.

Do carers need to become members?

If you are accompanying an individual that you are a carer for, and you can display your carers badge, then you are not required to become a member to enter the Ironworks. Simply present your badge at our concierge when you arrive to be admitted.

I am coming for a meeting or interview, do I need to become a member?

If you are attending a meeting or interview here at the British Ironwork Centre, then you do not need to sign up to become a member. When you arrive, please present proof of your meeting or interview to a member of staff at our concierge and they will be able to admit you and direct you to where you need to go.

I am coming to collect an order, do I need to become a member?

If you are collecting and order and are not a member of the British Ironwork Centre, then you do not need to sign up to become a member. Simply display a copy of your invoice to a member of staff on our concierge and they will be able to assist you.

I am travelling a long distance, can I book before I arrive?

Though it is not necessary to book your visit, sometimes we can become incredibly busy on weekends or public holidays. As a result, we may need to restrict the number of people who are on site. If you are travelling a long distance to visit us and you are worried that you may not be able to enter, we offer a Priority Pass service that can be booked in advance to secure fast track entry into the Ironworks Centre. For more information, take a look at this page.


Do you have disabled access?

We have tried to make our grounds and site as accessible as possible for all our visitors. This includes providing ramps and adequate spacing for wheelchair access. Most of the grounds are on hard standing surfaces and this includes the car park and the disabled car spaces. Please note that some of the car park is a gravel surface.

Whilst we have tried to make our grounds as level as possible, there are still some areas which feature uneven ground. These areas are clearly signposted, so please take care when navigating these parts of the site. On particularly wet days, the grass can become more difficult to access. If you are using a wheelchair, we advise that you only stay on the firm/stone surfaces and leave exploring the fields for more dry and sunny days.

Certain members of staff including the Chairman, Clive Knowles, have undergone Dementia Friendly Training to ensure that the site is aware of the necessary needs required should a visitor with dementia visit the site.

All trained staff will be made available immediately should there be any arising issues. We have also been recognised with a disability award from Shropshire Disability and Oswestry Access Group.

Do you have disabled toilets?

We do have spacious disabled toilets and these are located next to Reception.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes, our baby changing facilities are located within the disabled toilet by the reception. We also have a high chair available in our cafe. On weekends children can receive a free ice cream voucher which can be collected by our main gates.

Do you have mobility scooters available to hire?

We do not have mobility scooters, but we do have push along wheelchairs available for your use. These are often in demand, so please ensure that you ring us on 01691 610952 in advance of your visit to reserve a wheelchair.

Do you have golf buggies available to hire?

We do have golf buggies that can be hired. These would need to be reserved in advance by filing in the online form. Please note that due to Covid-19 the golf buggy hire is temporarily unavailable, but we do still offer the push along wheelchairs.

We also have pedal golf buggies available to hire. If you would be interested in a pedal buggy, these can be booked on the day by talking to our Showroom team, or please contact us on 01691 610952 to book a pedal buggy in advance.

About the British Ironwork Centre

 Can we bring a picnic?

We are an attraction that relies on the sales from our Forge Cafe and Showroom to help maintain the site. Because of this, we kindly request that visitors refrain from bringing picnics from home and instead purchase refreshments on site. The only exception is school trips where children are allowed packed lunches. Thank you for understanding.

Do you allow dogs?

We are huge dog lovers here at the Ironworks and are always happy to welcome your four-legged family members to the centre. What we do ask is that they are always kept on a lead, even in the larger areas such as the Extinction Trail. With the exception of working service dogs, all dogs are not allowed to enter the showroom or café areas. We also ask that any dog mess is cleared up and deposited in the bins which are situated around the site. For those dogs that accompany you on your visit, we do provide water bowls to help them stay cool and hydrated.

If you still prefer to leave your dog in the car, please ensure that your windows are rolled down to allow sufficient cool air on warmer days and let a member of staff know on arrival in case of car alarms or emergencies.  

Is there a dress code?

We ask that all visitors wear respectable smart-casual attire when visiting the Centre. We are a site that welcomes all groups of people so please ensure that your clothing remains respectful of those around you (i.e. no bare torsos, offensive graphics, etc.). For health and safety purposes, appropriate footwear, particularly with children, should be worn at all times. We reserve the right to deny admittance to any visitor deemed to be wearing inappropriate clothing.

Can we feed or pet the Donkey and Pony?

Though our Donkey and Pony are very friendly, we kindly ask that you refrain from petting them and ask that you do not feed them. They are fed daily and we need to ensure that their diet is being monitored.

Can we take selfies on the sculptures?

We encourage you to take selfies and photographs of our sculptures, however we do ask that, for your safety, that you do not climb on or touch the sculptures around the site. Many sculptures and their plinths are manufactured from recycled metal which can have sharp edges which will cause cuts. Others are quite tall and can cause injury in the case of a fall.

Can I bring a takeaway drink in with me?

As we rely on the sales from our café to help support the site, we ask that you refrain from bringing in any takeaway drinks from other venues. Our café does offer takeaway cups for our hot drinks if required. We thank you for your understanding.

Can I book a car club visit?

Yes, we frequently host organised visits from various car clubs at the centre. To book an event for your car club, please visit this page of our website.

Do you host charitable events?

Yes, we have hosted charity events at the Ironworks. For more information and to arrange an event, please contact us on

Why do you address worldwide issues?

Through the medium of art and sculpture, we address many pressing worldwide issues. The reason that we do this is to bring awareness to these issues and to elevate and broaden the discussion around them. We feel strongly about the issues that we address and are committed to doing what we can to address them.

Can I leave my car in the car park while I leave the site?

Though we have a large car parking area, we do ask that you do not leave your car on site unattended. This can cause issues when closing the centre at the end of the day. If you have experienced a breakdown and you are unable to drive your car off site, please let a member of staff know so that we are aware.