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Driver - Payment - Stage 1

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Application for the 2018 transport rally is now closed.

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Entry fee is £5.00.

  1. Drivers/Exhibitors must take reasonable steps to maintain public safety at all times and be in close attendance to all operating machinary and vehicles at all times
  2. In the interests of public safety, vehicles are not to be driven during the event unless leaving or entering the show area.
  3. In the interest of safety to livestock, please ensure you take all your rubbish away with you.
  4. Clubs wishing to be allocated a space, must organise for all vehicles in their club to enter the estate in convoy as vehicles will parked up in order they arrive on site.
  5. By taking part in the Transport Rally, you agree to exit by turning left on the A5 toward Queens Head. This is important and ensures quick departure from the estate post event.

When payment is complete please check your email address for the next stage of the application.

Please note: This is for the driver of the vehicle only. 


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