School Bottle Top Recycling Challenge

Will our necks be long enough to collect all your bottle tops?

Designed specifically for primary schools, community groups, clubs and associations all across the UK, this unique recycling project aims to educate children and communities about the importance of protecting our planet whilst inspiring them to think both innovatively and creatively in order to help make important environmental changes.

Every day, our natural environment is negatively affected by decisions that we make. It’s important for children to understand that, whilst we are responsible for many of the issues that our planet is currently facing, we can all work together to make positive changes to the Earth through determination and action.

We have created six colourful giraffe sculptures, specially designed to serve as an attractive store for plastic or metal bottle tops. We chose the giraffe to symbolise this project as they have recently been reported to have joined the list of endangered species. It’s a common misconception that animals like the giraffe are still in great abundance, but so many across the globe are facing issues that many people aren’t even aware of.

Colourful Recycling Giraffe Sculptures

The Six Giraffe Sculptures Designed to Hold Bottle Tops

The giraffe sculptures have been crafted from wire mesh and feature entry points and hinged doors throughout for easy use and filling. The idea is for each participating location to fill the giraffe with bottle tops (once or as many times as needed to reach their personal goal over the hosting period) and deliver the bottle tops to us. Once their project is complete, we ask that the giraffe is returned back to us at the Ironworks.


If you would like to join the project, please get in touch with us via email at or ring us on 0800 6888386.

When contacting us please include the following:

  1. The full name and address of your school or organisation.
  2. The contact details of your project leader. Please note, for schools - the project leader must be a staff member at the school. We cannot accept applications from parents, carers or students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Qualify?

Our giraffes are limited and in high demand, so our aim is to work with schools and organisations who are committed to carrying out extensive work in the community and who are committed to providing education and raising awareness on the importance of recycling. We would love schools and organisations to be willing and active on social media and other media channels such as the press throughout their hosting period. This spreads the word to the public, students and British Ironwork Centre members, getting them involved in contributing and collecting bottle tops. If this is your school or organisation, please get in touch!

What Do We Need To Do In Order To Host?

If you are a school or organisation who is taking part, you will need to collect the giraffe from ourselves from our centre in Oswestry. You will need to ensure that the giraffe is placed in a secure location whilst in your care, and that it is placed within the grounds of your school or organisation. For security reasons we ask that the giraffe not be kept in a public place. Once you have completed the project, we ask that the giraffe is promptly returned to us to enable the next eagerly awaiting school or organisation to take part.

How Does The British Ironwork Centre Sustain This Project?

The bespoke giraffe sculpture is made specifically for this challenge. The British Ironwork Centre offers this project to schools and organisations completely free of charge to ensure the message of the importance of recycling, and to raise awareness of the issues we all face with the use of plastics. However, in order to get this message out as wide as possible we rely on the schools and organisations sharing our commitment to the cause. This is why we ask that each participating school and organisation feature the project heavily on their social media, and in the local press, ensuring all our efforts aren’t in vain!

Important information:

  • We will provide the giraffe sculpture free of charge.
  • The giraffe will need to be collected from The British Ironwork Centre and returned back to us at the end of your hosting.
  • Once you have completed your project, we ask that you return the giraffe on time as it will be due to be collected by another school or organisation.
  • For schools - each student forming a part of the school's eco-committee or environmental group will be awarded with a certificate to celebrate and honour their efforts.
  • One participating school will be awarded for collecting the most bottle tops. Winning schools will recieve a unique and specially designed trophy to award them for all of their hard work.


Dermot O'Leary with children from Heswall Primary SchoolBottle Top Giraffe From Wirral School

                                               Dermot O'Leary with children from Heswall Primary School                                                                                    Bottle Top Giraffe from Wirral School

 Schools already taking part:

Apley Wood Primary School
Redhill Primary Academy
Aqueduct Primary School
Old Park Primary School
St Georges c of e School Telford
Randlay Primary School & Nursery
Ladygrove Primary School
John Randall Primary
Crowmoor Primary
Prestfelde School

Coleham Primary School
Meole Brace Primary
Myddle CE School
Sundorne Infant School
Bomere Heath Primary School
Grange Primary School
Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School & Nursery
St Edwards Primary School
Ysgol Plas Coch
Holt Community Primary School
Criftins CE Primary School
Lakelands Academy
Holy Trinity CE Primary
Trefonen CE School
Ysgol Llanrhaeadr Y.M. Primary School
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School Wolverhampton
Brown Clee C E Primary School
Gospel Oak School
Ysgol Penbarras
Christ Church Primary School
Ysgol Bro Cernyw
Sheriffhales Primary School
St John the Baptist CE Primary School
Broseley C of E Primary School
Hafren School

All giraffes will be lent out to venues on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure you get in line quickly! We are very excited to see what you can come up with.  


Johnny From Shrewsbury Town

Johnny From Shrewsbury Town

It was great to see Johnny from Shrewsbury Town. He was here to collect one of our bottle top giraffes!

As the Primary Team Manager, Johnny couldn't wait to get this Giraffe up and running into the community.

Shrewsbury Town In The Community are running our bottle top campaign throughout their network of schools. This Giraffe was off to Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic School.

We are supporting the charity through our community support pledge and hope the Giraffe can help the children understand the importance of recycling and how much plastic is a huge danger to our environment.