Tin Can Appeal

Don’t Bin It, Tin It!

This is a project that we are looking to run in the future. Please check our social media or web pages for updates. 

Our Tin Can Appeal has been launched to collect ONE MILLION tin cans for our latest project 'Don't Bin It, Tin It'. This project intends to highlight the amazing opportunities for creating something useful and beautiful from general household waste.

This project is very much about education, promoting the environment and highlighting how we can all have a positive impact on our world, especially when working together. 

We aim to create a giant and spectacular bust of Her Majesty the Queen from all of the cans collected. These are currently coming from a variety of sources, including schools, prisons, home education networks, Guides and Scout groups, local businesses and we are also open to receiving support from other channels.

Every group partnering this colossal ambition will be rewarded with a completely free day of fun and creativity at the Royal Garden Party.* 


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Our 'THANK YOU' days will be hosted at the British Ironworks Centre, date to be confirmed.

 Some interesting facts:

• Up to 60% of all dustbin rubbish is recyclable.

• If all tin cans were recycled in the UK, we would need circa 20 million fewer dustbins.
• Making one aluminium drink can use the same energy as recycling 20 cans.


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