The Rainbow Tree

When we were contacted by the NHS to create some concept drawings for the Princess Royal Hospital in Shropshire, we created the concept of the Rainbow Tree. This 16ft tall tree is filled with around 200 leaves, all painted in the colours of the rainbow. The trunk is substantial and features a bark effect along with an Owl’s nest. Depicting the strength of the NHS in protecting the public throughout the pandemic as well as the rainbow aspect depicting the hope of the nation, it also highlights the need for everyone to play their part in protecting our environment.

Now, after many hours of work, this concept has become a reality.

The Rainbow Tree has now been completed and we think that it looks fantastic. We hope that it brings a lot of joy to all who visit the Princess Royal Hospital.  

 A comparison between the concept drawing and the real Rainbow Tree

 This is a comparison between the original concept drawing on the left and the actual Rainbow Tree