SATH Infinity Rainbow

Throughout the year 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic has shocked not just the UK but the whole of the World.  In order to keep morale and spirits high, the rainbow has become a national symbol of the NHS, where homes, streets and shops adorn the rainbow symbol as a public thank you to those essential workers for their hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic.

To go hand in hand with the NHS Hospital Support Programme and the NHS Rainbow Sculpture, the Ironworks have conceptualised an additional fundraising opportunity for the local hospital, Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital Trust (SATH). The concept draws on the NHS Rainbow Sculpture which features thousands of metal hearts in the seven rainbow colours which can be personalised with messages or names of patients, staff and loved ones.  Designed to line ward corridors and waiting areas in both hospitals, the idea is that as more and more hearts are added, the rainbow will not only be an infinite fundraising opportunity but a physical infinite rainbow sculpture throughout the hospitals. 

Members of the public will have choice of colour preference and engraving when purchasing. This fundraising concept is a way for the wider community to support their local hospital whilst honouring an NHS hero or loved one or simply as a way to remember and commemorate those who have sadly lost their lives or struggled with the virus. 

SATH- Infinity Rainbow

SATH Infinity Rainbow Concept Art