Hospice & NHS Fundraising Support Programme

With our motto being ‘working with a social conscience for our community and nation’, supporting our local and regional communities in whatever capacity we can has become intrinsically ingrained in our everyday practises here at the Centre. Back in 2016, Severn Hospice in Shropshire approached us about creating a unique appeal to help them raise the funds necessary to continue their valuable service to our community. We were completely inspired by the extreme dedication evidenced through the work that hospices do and, with Severn Hospice serving our personal neck of the woods, helping them was simply a no-brainer. Several discussions and many design mock-ups later, our Hospice Support Programme and ‘Forget Me Not’ metal flower campaign was developed and officially born, which has now benefitted a huge number of hospices all across the UK.

Since, our Hospice Support Programme has only grown exponentially and has continuously improved as each year passes. As of early 2020, we have helped over 40 hospices of varying sizes across the UK, including Hope House Children’s Hospice, Nightingale House Hospice and Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. Through various campaigns, we have aided these hospices to raise in excess of £250,000 in additional funding for their important causes. This incredible number is something that we will continue to increase, with our goal being to help hospices to raise over £1million over the next few years.

What started as a simple and effective way to help hospices raise a few extra pennies has turned into something far bigger. Every year, the number of campaigns significantly increases, and the number of monies raised far exceeds our expectations. To properly encapsulate the growth of our programme and to herald our hospice effort, we will be developing and creating seasonal campaigns each year. These new campaigns will keep much of the same essence as our previous ones, but we will be taking more action to help even more hospices to reach and exceed their fundraising goals. We have a lot of plans in the mix including introducing a new metal flower appeal titled ‘A Daisy to Remember’, developing entirely new designs, and getting more involved in the Hospice UK community. We are also hoping to bridge the gap between ourselves and Hospice UK so that we can work together to create even more of an impact across the nation.

If you’re a UK hospice in need of some additional help to reach your personal goal this year, please get in contact with us via telephone on 0800 6888386 or via email at info@britishironworkcentre.co.uk.

Hospice Fundraising Support Programme