Dragon Sculpture

As you explore the British Ironworks Centre, there is one particular sculpture that you just cannot miss, our dragon sitting on a car!

Inspired by one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons from the popular world of Game of Thrones, this impressive sculpture is special for many reasons.

Firstly, we had never previously created a sculpture that was mobile. We wanted to create something that we could take to different venues and shows, not only for publicity, but more importantly to inspire students and artisans elsewhere to become involved in metalworking. By attaching the dragon to the top of a car, the sculpture could be moved about as required.

When it came to choosing the vehicle that would form the platform for our dragon, we wanted something that would create an impact and have a huge impression on the viewer. As such we decided on using this beautiful Jaguar XJ. For car enthusiasts, this may seem sacrilegious to use such a luxurious car for this purpose, but this shock factor only adds to the overall experience of viewing this sculpture.

Not only is the dragon positioned on the roof of the car, it also has a unique party piece. The sculpture is rigged up for pyrotechnics that allows the dragon to blow flames at the touch of a button on the dashboard! We added this feature to the sculpture, not only to add to the dramatic effect, but also to demonstrate our creativity and flexibility in producing such works of art.   

Dragon and Sunset