British Heart Foundation 60th Anniversary

The year 2021 will see the British Heart Foundation (BHF) celebrate their 60th anniversary. This is a truly momentous occasion for the charity, having spent the past six decades researching cures and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases all across the UK! Each year, BHF work tirelessly to protect us from various heart-related issues – their ultimate goal being to bring about a world without heartbreak - so doing something big for their 60th anniversary is simply a no-brainer. In the past, we have worked alongside the Shropshire branch of BHF to help them to raise additional funding for their cause but when they approached us regarding their 60th anniversary, we were thrilled to offer up some ideas!

We have been brainstorming various ideas for BHF, trying to encapsulate everything that they stand for whilst simultaneously creating something eye-catching in celebration of their big anniversary. Pictured below are some of our favourite ideas so far!


As a unique alternative to standard BHF donation tins, we thought it would be lovely to completely redesign their classic designs into plump, heart-shaped boxes. These boxes would be perfect for monetary donations or written pledges provided by the public. Personally, we love the idea of pledges as this allows the public to interact and engage with the charity in a totally unique way.

BHF Heart Donation Boxes


Inspired by the poppies seen adorning the Tower of London grounds in 2014, this idea would entail thousands of red metal hearts spanning across the grounds of a notable location (such as Warwick Castle). Each heart would be purchased by a member of the public and dedicated to a lost loved one, forming a part of the ‘Field of Hearts’ for a temporary installation at some point within 2021. This idea has been designed for mass public involvement and would be a national BHF fundraiser, allowing everyone across the country to get involved. The hearts would be offered to the public at an affordable cost, with all profits to go directly back to supporting BHF.

BHF Field of Hearts


From our initial concept to each design meeting thereafter, this concept is a big favourite of ours! Offering colour and movement within any garden setting, these flower wind spinners are universally loved by all and provide the perfect way to remember a lost loved one whilst celebrating the hard work of BHF. Each spinner would be hand-painted in red and features the number ‘60’ within its centre.

BHF Garden Wind Spinners


Below are a number of other ideas that we have come up with to celebrate BHF’s 60th anniversary. Including butterfly heart garden spikes, metal hearts suspended from shepherd’s crooks, and heart-shaped hanging mobiles. 

BHF Butterfly Hearts

BHF Shepherd's Crook Hearts

BHF Heart Mobile

Please note that each idea pictured above is purely conceptual. All designs have or will be presented to the BHF team before they are further developed, with the ultimate decision down to them. We look forward to continuing our work alongside BHF and can’t wait to see how they celebrate their 60th year! For further information about this partnership, please keep an eye on our social media pages. To find out more about the British Heart Foundation and the important work that they do, you can visit their website here.

Heart of our Environment

This conceptual idea was to combine two issues within one effort.To support the BHF or another heart disease charity and protect the environment – through education.This design, carries the heart shape and a void to collect unwanted sugary plastic drink bottles and cans. Effectively its promoting healthy living, by demonstrating the volume of sugar/unhealthy drinks we consume. This was to travel to schools, encouraging each school to demonstrate to the children their consumption.Culminating in discussions over heart disease and the ways within which they can live a healthier life and in tandem protect their planet. Please place image attached at the bottom of the page with the caption: "British Heart Foundation Concept Drawing, Heart of our Environment"