It’s official – the town of Wrexham in north Wales has joined the list of hosting locations. Just last week, we had a meeting with Terry Evans and Mark Pritchard, a leading MP, from the Wrexham Town Council, who have both shown great interest and determination in getting the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression to the town for the full month of July 2020, where it is set to take pride of place in the town centre. Here, the Angel will greatly benefit the town’s youth by raising awareness over the negative effects that violent behaviour has on the community.

Wrexham Representatives

Pictured (From Left to Right): Terry Evans, Mark Pritchard & Clive Knowles

The Maddocks and McNeil families, both from the Wrexham area, were the first to step forward during the Knife Angel’s creation to provide us with the local support and encouragement needed to know that we were doing the right thing through our ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign. In 2013, Craig Maddocks was brutally attacked in a Wrexham pub and, in the same year, Lisa McNeil’s son, Danny Jones, was fatally stabbed in Oswestry. Carrying Craig and Danny’s stories with them, both families gave us the peace of mind needed to continue the Angel’s creation and further highlighted our reasoning behind creating the monument and its coinciding message against all forms of violence.

As with all other host locations, Wrexham will be completely committed to using the Angel to conduct 28-days of intensive educational programmes and workshops for their young people throughout its stay there. Host locations are asked to utilise the Angel as a point of tuition in order to ignite conversation over difficult subjects surrounding aggressive behaviour, carrying weaponry, and using violence as a resource for addressing problems. Following Newtown’s success with their campaign, Wrexham will also be committed to hopefully deputising a minimum of 10,000 children and young people into becoming ‘Anti-Violence Champions’.

Wrexham Representatives

Pictured (From Left to Right): Mark Pritchard, Clive Knowles & Terry Evans

Additionally, Wrexham will be provided with a knife bank during the Angel’s stay. Following their hosting period, all blades collected through this amnesty will be handed back to ourselves by the North Wales Police and will be used to create and continue the Angel’s legacy within Wales. We are currently in the process of mocking up these designs with consideration of the Welsh dragon and other imagery synonymous with Wales.

With the Ironworks being so close to the North Wales border, Wrexham has a very special place in our hearts. Tens of thousands of our members and visitors are from the Wrexham area and many have watched the Knife Angel’s journey since before its creation even began. For the town’s residents to see the Angel within their own community is truly exciting and we can’t wait to see how they utilise the monument to benefit their region whilst creating the social change necessary to turn the tide on violence and aggression.