West Mercia Police Visit the Ironworks for a Sneak Preview

Earlier this week, the West Mercia Police visited us right here at the British Ironwork Centre to get a sneak preview of the Police Dog Memorial that we are creating to honour the services of our operational and specialist dogs. We knew that at least one member of the police force were due to meet with our chairman Clive Knowles but when three officers turned up, we were even more delighted to showcase the current progress of the memorial! The police were thrilled by what we’ve created so far and are very excited to get the memorial finished and positioned outside of their HQ.

From Left to Right: Clive Knowles; Craig Prewer; Falco (Dog); Steve Morrell; Spencer Bradley

The dog memorial sculpture will be made by local artist Luke Kite alongside ourselves from decommissioned guns and seized knives, as well as various materials inspired by the dog’s lives such as whistles and dog bowls. The guns were donated by the West Mercia Police and the blades have been collected through knife bank amnesties across the UK through our ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign.

Police dogs have been serving in forces across the nation for hundreds of years, working hard each and every day to ensure that their communities and police handlers are safe. Currently there are no memorials within Shropshire and the wider West Mercia region created specifically to honour our service dogs, which is why the West Mercia Police force have approached us with the enquiry to create one. These dogs are immensely self-sacrificing, often going headfirst into precarious and highly dangerous situations for the ultimate protection of their handlers and our community. It’s a hard one to stomach, but the reality is that these dogs are trained to protect our wellbeing and often do lose their lives or become seriously injured whilst doing it. It is their duty to protect us, and it is our duty to celebrate and appreciate them for their extremely honourable work.

The memorial sculpture has been designed to hold over one hundred dog ID tags, and is set to be installed outside of the West Mercia Police Headquarters upon completion, where it will serve as a beautiful reminder of these incredible creatures and all the work achieved through their services to our communities.