Just last week, we were honoured to have Louise Hickman, West Mercia Police Sergeant, and Michelle Thomason, West Mercia Police Community Support Officer, here to discuss a collaborative art project between ourselves and the West Mercia Police Force. The Knife Angel has now been on display in Telford’s Southwater Square since the beginning of the month, with its main objective is to create the social change necessary to turn the tide on violent behaviour. Through our belief that this change is at the heart of education, we hope that Telford will continue to uphold the Angel’s educational legacy long after it moves on. To highlight Telford’s efforts and to create an everlasting visual legacy for the town, we have proposed the idea of creating a giant daisy sculpture out of blades collected through surrenders and amnesties conducted by the West Mercia Police and Telford & Wrekin Council.

Louise & Michelle with Daisy Concept Art

Pictured: Louise Hickman & Michelle Thomason

Just last month, a 16-year-old was brutally attacked and stabbed in Telford Town Park, a location which we believe would be ideal for the daisy sculpture as it will not only highlight the strength of the community but will also continue to create the conversation necessary to reduce violent actions just like this one. We have chosen the image of daisies as they symbolise loyalty to love and ongoing commitment, making them the perfect way to remember those affected by violence whilst making an ongoing commitment to stand up against all forms of violence.

All hosting towns and cities will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively on a sculpture project to immortalise the Knife Angel’s anti-violence message within their community. The proposed pieces will be created from knives, blades and decommissioned guns collected through weapon amnesties, which will run alongside the Angel’s visit in a particular location. Wolverhampton are set to host the Angel next month in April. We are already in the process of proposing their legacy sculpture, which will likely be a life-size wolf made entirely from seized weapons to pay homage to the city’s name and their efforts to reduce violence.

Daisy Concept Art

Giant Daisies Sculpture Concept Art

The Knife Angel has already greatly benefitted Telford by raising more awareness, educating their community youth, and sparking important conversations surrounding violent and aggressive behaviour. Telford has really embraced the monument and its anti-violence message, heavily involving school children and young people in educational workshops and programmes all across the town. Louise and Michelle even created the ‘Anti-Violence Art Awards’ for Telford & Wrekin, whereby primary and secondary school children were tasked with creating a piece of artwork inspired by the Knife Angel, its anti-violence message, and three keywords – compassion, community and courage.

For further information and updates, visit our official ‘Knife Angel’ page here.