Yesterday’s eccentric penny farthing event rang a loud bell of success. The event, being run for its first year,  was a resounding success with over 40 Penny Farthing cycle enthusiasts arriving from all over the UK. Vince Hunt, Oswestry’s Mayor, and his Mayoress Amber Hunt were on hand to officially oversee the first race.

These participants were motivated to attend by the rarity of events held in the UK that embrace and encourage penny farthing enthusiasts. The day celebrated all elements and eras of cycling, with races and friendly rides being split into groups relating to the Classic and Vintage bicycle periods.

Other events were dedicated to Farthings and to other early machines like the Boneshaker and the tricycle (three wheelers).

 What was exceptionally unusual was the fact that every participant was rewarded with complimentary lunches and refreshments, not to mention ice cream and lots of chilled water that was very well received due to the soaring temperatures.

 Trophies were awarded for the PF race and for the Classic category, all those entering were additionally rewarded by receiving a BIC bespoke t-shirt and a patriotic medal, regardless of the placement.

 Two museums attended with magnificent collections on show.

 Clive Knowles, Chairman of the Ironworks, said: “We intend to bring the peculiar and the most extroverted events to Oswestry, there are so many fringe and eccentric topics to embrace here, we really want to be known for hosting the most unusual spectacles.

It’s such a change from main stream events, that repeat constantly throughout the country, Oswestry needs a stronger identity than following what’s already being done.”

 Please see a link to all our photos from yesterday’s Event: