The Knife Angel officially landed in Powys on Friday, where it will remain outside of the Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown until the 29th of January. As part of our ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign in a bid to end knife crime and all other forms of violent behaviour, we have provided Newtown with a knife bank to enable them to conduct a month-long surrender during the Knife Angel's stay. Working alongside the Dyfed-Powys Police, this initiative has been specifically designed to utilise the Angel’s message against violent and aggressive behaviour in order to create a safer community within the heart of mid-Wales.

The knife bank has been positioned at a pivotal point just below where the Knife Angel stands, inviting those carrying knives to safely and securely surrender their weapons to the Dyfed-Powys Police. Knife banks have also been placed within local police stations throughout the Powys region. Knife banks provide a judgement-free, ‘no questions asked’ zone for the safe deposit of knives and other weaponry, which is why this initiative will be forming a part of the Knife Angel’s ‘Agreement of Conscience’ for all future hosting cities.

Knife Angel & Newtown Surrender

Pictured (From Left to Right): Police Inspector for Dyfed-Powys Police; Joy Jones from the Powys County Council; and Clive Knowles from the British Ironwork Centre

We are currently in the process of helping Manchester develop a ‘Forever’ knife amnesty, whereby knife bins provided by us will be permanently located across the Greater Manchester area. We hope that Newtown and all proceeding host towns and cities take a leaf out of Manchester’s book and consider permanent knife bins throughout their individual regions. Dyfed-Powys statistically has the lowest crime figures nationally, but knife crime is an issue that plagues every community across the country and, without long-lasting and very necessary initiative like this one, the shocking figures will only continue to rise.

Following the Knife Angel’s time in Newtown, we hope to use the surrendered weapons to create something that highlights the negative effects of violent behaviour whilst continuing the Angel’s legacy within the Powys community. We’d love to get the community involved in this project as much as we can, which is why we need your help in coming up with an innovative idea for how the surrendered knives should be used.

If you’ve got an idea, want to find out more or want to offer your help in another way, please get in contact with ourselves via telephone on 0800 6888386 or via email at