This weekend saw another Oswestry group step forward to help with the reopening of the Mile End Tourist Info Centre. M D Warriors, are an organisation dedicated to the art of martial arts and the inclusion of children from Oswestry and surrounding areas.Their response was in answer to a call for help, from the newly formed volunteer group ‘Oswestry Tourism Volunteer Group’.

The organisers hope that the older children can gain work and confidence experience, from the TIC being reopened.It’s also their core objective to help in the community and to become positive role models for other students and children alike.It’s hoped that given sufficient volunteers step forward , it’s possible to reopen the TIC at mile end , with no funding at all from Shropshire County Council.The ambition, championed by the British Ironwork Centre, is to demonstrate what can be achieved by the community.

The tourist info centre is currently empty, it’s another feature, at the entrance to Oswestry that reflects negatively on the area and does not encourage visitors to the town, to explore further.The hope is, that the centre can be reopened for the Easter holidays to promote Oswestry, this junction sees thousands of visitors travelling to the coast and surrounding areas.