Here at the Ironworks, we have been helping hospices all across the UK to create campaigns over the past few years. Our ‘Forget Me Not’ campaign began when we realised that we have the ability and internal creative talent to really make a national difference by enabling UK hospices to raise a critical amount of extra funding. Initially, the campaign involved the creation of metal flowers, which were hand-painted in each hospice’s individual branding colours. Since, the campaign has grown an incredible amount and completely transformed itself creatively. We are now creating all sorts of different bespoke designs (including flowers, bees and frogs) and are moving toward specifically tailoring every flower for each hospice.

Proving incredibly successful all across the country, it is now our goal to help national hospices to raise an additional £1million in funding. This year, the Marie Curie Hospice group are running their latest campaign – ‘The Great Daffodil Appeal’. As part of this, we have created hundreds of yellow daffodil flowers which the hospice group will be selling at a recommended donation price. The money raised through the sale of these metal flowers will be used by the hospice group to help directly fund all the incredible work that they do for communities all across the UK. Every year, Marie Curie supports over 40,000 people living with terminal illness and we hope the money raised through their metal flowers campaign will significantly help them to continue this critical care.

Marie Curie Daffodil

Marie Curie Metal Daffodil

To find out more about Marie Curie Hospice’s appeal, please visit their website here: