This entirely unique amnesty involves the creation of a number of fully secure knife banks which will be permanently stationed across Manchester. The banks will provide a safe and judgment-free place for carriers to deposit their knives, all in an effort to help clear the city’s streets of knife crime and violence.

Rodger Edwards and Paul Nolan from the Greater Manchester Police visited us this week to officially sign off and collect the knife banks, which have been provided by us here at the Ironworks. The banks will soon be launched and anyone visiting Manchester will be able to see them distributed all across the city, adorned with ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ livery.

Manchester Knife Banks

Pictured (From Left to Right): Clive Knowles, Paul Nolan, Rodger Edwards

We are planning to use all collected blades to create a sculpture for Manchester, which will represent the ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign’s legacy, highlight the city’s efforts to turn the tide on knife crime, and raise better awareness over the negative effects that violent behaviour has on the community.

Currently, Manchester don’t have a date secured to host the Knife Angel, but we are hopeful that the distribution of these knife banks will prompt the city to step forward to help continue the Angel’s legacy – especially since they played such a pivotal role in the monument’s creation.

Manchester Knife Banks

Knife Banks Being Loaded onto a GMP Vehicle

The Knife Angel’s continuous journey across the UK is critical during this time of great national crisis. For the Angel’s message to be heard loud and clear, and for necessary social change to take place, its movement must continue to as many corners of the country as it can - Manchester included.