We were honoured to be visited by Gabrielle Cochrane, the Supporter Relations Officer for Longfield Hospice, who was here at the Centre yesterday to collect more metal flowers for their ‘Forget Me Not’ campaign. The campaign forms a part of our National Hospice Support Programme, where we aim to support all hospices across the country to raise additional funding for their individual causes. Gabrielle was also here to give us some great news over how incredibly well their campaign has been going so far and presented us with a certificate to thank us for our support. Having launched their campaign just before lockdown, Longfield Hospice have faced a lot of adversity throughout. Their staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that their supporters received their flowers, and all of their amazing work has definitely paid off as the hospice have already raised a HUGE £37.5K for their cause!

Longfield Hospice

Gabrielle Cochrane & Longfield Hospice’s Metal ‘Forget Me Nots’

This amazing number brings us that little bit closer to our million pound pledge, whereby we aim to help hospices all across the UK to raise an additional £1million in funding. Since the beginning of our hospice support endeavours, a lot has changed. What started as a simple and effective way to help hospices raise a few extra pennies has turned into something far bigger. Every year, the number of campaigns significantly increases, and the number of monies raised far exceeds our expectations. We have supported a large number of hospices over the years and have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds, but we are still working hard to reach our £1million target - something which we hope to far exceed once we reach it.

If you’re a UK hospice in need of some additional help to reach your personal goal this year, please get in contact with us via telephone on 0800 6888386 or via email at info@britishironworkcentre.co.uk. You can find out more about our hospice success stories here: https://www.britishironworkcentre.co.uk/index.php/schools-and-community-programmes/uk-hospice-support