Government Support

Clive Knowles, the Centre’s Chairman, and several of the mothers who have tragically lost their sons to knife crime and are bravely supporting the campaign, this week travelled to London to meet with officials from the Home Office’s Tackling Crime Unit on behalf of Norman Baker, M.P. and Minister of State for Crime Prevention.

The delegation were delighted with the considerable support and interest received from the Home Office, who will be circulating details of the campaign to communities throughout the UK to gauge their need for knife banks and to encourage their involvement in this unique initiative.

The Home Office will also be investigating the fate of weapons handed in during the 2006 national amnesty, and whether any barriers exist to their being contributed to the Knife Angel memorial.

Mr Knowles said “We are extremely grateful to the Home Office for their time and their efforts in raising awareness of our campaign nationally. We have pledged to provide 150 knife banks should these be required and look forward to working in conjunction with the Home Office to meet the needs of communities throughout the country.”