Last night, the Knife Angel officially landed in the most northernly point yet of its National Anti-Violence Tour – Gateshead in Newcastle, Northumbria. The Angel has been heralded in the North East and has been installed in Gateshead’s most prized location in Performance Square just opposite the Sage building. The Sage Gateshead is a highly prestigious and world-renowned music centre dedicated to hosting talent from all across the world. Every year, they feature more than 400 artists and welcome more than 2million visitors. Here, the Angel will overlook some of the North’s most famous landmarks including the River Tyne and the Millennium bridge, making Performance Square the perfect location for the Knife Angel throughout the full month of February.  

Illuminated Knife Angel in Gateshead

Knife Angel Illuminated in Red in Performance Square, Gateshead

Once the Angel had completed its five-hour journey from Wales to Northumbria, Engineers worked late throughout the night to ensure that the monument was installed safely and securely in time for its civic launch which took place at 12 noon today. Some of Gateshead and Newcastle’s most prolific dignitaries have congregated to welcome the Knife Angel to their region and symbolically renounce violence in all of its forms. This civic launch has been done in collaboration with Samantha’s Legacy, a charity formed after the shocking and tragic death of Samantha Madgin, the Gateshead Council, and the Northumbria Police. The Knife Angel has been illuminated in red to not only stand out against the background, but to also symbolise the unnecessary bloodshed that violent behaviour has caused all across the country.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Gateshead's Millennium Bridge & River Tyne

Our main objective for the three-year Anti-Violence Tour is to increase awareness over rejecting violent and aggressive behaviour as a means for solving disputes in order to create the necessary social change to end all forms of violence. The Knife Angel should also be used as an important of tuition to educate and deputise young people in becoming ‘Anti-Violence Champions’. Gateshead have formally committed themselves to deputise a minimum of 10,000 such champions, which will form a crucial part of the Knife Angel’s legacy once it completes its 28 days in the town.