Jurassic Hike get 200kg Dinosaur to the summit of Snowdon!

The 22 strong team split the sculpture into 4 sections, the heaviest weighing over 85kg and each team was given the task to get that body part up the mountain. Specialist straps and poles were organised to carry the load up the mountain but even from the car park the teams realized that the sheer awkwardness of the sculpture would mean that this challenge could only be done using pure brute strength and dog eared determination.his weekend the impossible was made possible! Four teams from Oswestry carried a giant 200kg metal tyrannosaurus rex to the summit of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. Teams from The British Ironwork Centre, Cambrian Rotary, Cross fit Oswestry and Team Elite Martial Arts took part in the thought to be unconquerable challenge!

As they trudged through the winding streets of Llanberis to reach the start, locals were running out of their houses, mouths wide open and amazed at what they saw.

Team Elite martial arts, a team of 7, took on the heaviest body part, the legs of the T Rex. Led by Rich Cosgrove, they painstakingly made their way up the mountain, the steep incline at the very start proved to be a challenge in itself. The straps were quickly made redundant as the sculpture was carried on shoulders using only thin raincoats as padding, they resorted to anything just to get the sculpture to the top. They were cheered on by the other teams and fellow walkers who would stop in their tracks in total shock. A few miles from the top the teams were surrounded by thick cloud and visibility dropped to less than 5m as well as the temperature plummeting to a bone chilling -3 degrees.

The teams received great support from fellow walkers who were amazed at the enormity of the task being undertaken, always enquiring what it was all in aid of. The group were doing all of this for Hope House, and had so far raised a phenomenal amount at just over £1500. Getting to the top was a huge triumph for everyone and they were over the moon to receive more generous donations at the summit.

Vanessa Thomas of Hope House who also went up the mountain separately to the team said “It was an amazing effort from everyone, it’s hard enough to carry a rucksack up Snowdon let alone the body parts of a 200kg metal T-Rex. What better way to raise attention and money for Hope House? Well done everyone!”

On reaching the top and after a huge sigh of relief the sculpture was assembled and everyone fell to the ground with exhaustion.