Protecting Our Environment

As part of our continuous journey to help improve our environment and do our bit to protect the world around us, we are currently in the process of undertaking a myriad of steps towards becoming a greener British Ironworks Centre. We understand that there is a desperate need for global change and, rather than just shout about it, we want to start actioning important environmental change on a larger scale!

Our plans to ‘Go Green’ will include a series of initiatives surrounding the reduction of waste on site and the protection of our own natural environment, as well as events designed specifically to encourage our visitors to get involved in a greener lifestyle beyond just the Centre.

This Sunday the 28th of July will see our second Plant Hunter’s Fair of the year take place right here at the Centre. Bringing together many of the finest growers and specialists from the surrounding area, this event is an excellent resource for obtaining information and advice about which plants help to benefit the environment in particularly positive ways.

Inspired by this, we are planning to plant more bee-friendly plants across the site to encourage pollination and to allow our winged friends to thrive within the Ironworks’ environment. We also hope that our chosen plants will benefit those who choose to explore the Centre, whether that be on foot or through the use of our on-site bicycle hire service – the perfect way to appreciate the natural world whilst getting some exercise!

Wire Gorilla Sculpture loaned to Thomas Adams School Wem, to collect plastic bottle tops

We are also currently in conversation with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust with regard to giving them an on-site workshop space to permanently position themselves here at the Centre. Here, they will be able to use their wealth of environmental knowledge to educate our visitors and encourage a more eco-friendly environment.

And last, but certainly not least, we are officially beginning our journey towards becoming a plastic-free zone! All of our plastic ice-cream spoons are being replaced with wooden ones, our straws are now paper, and we are no longer going to stock any drinks in plastic bottles. We are also taking a more vigorous approach to recycling and will be doing our bit to recycle and reuse as much as we can!

We are very excited to see what we can achieve by making these small, but very necessary, environmental changes to our site and hope that all of our visitors are as excited to take this journey with us!