Last year, it was our goal to help hospices all across the UK to raise an additional £1million in funding for their causes. Our national campaign went better than we ever could have imagined but, as we enter a new decade, we are still yet to reach our one-million-pound goal. 2019 was a wonderful year, with a large number of new hospices joining our ‘Hospice Support Programme’ to reap the benefits of our metal ‘Forget Me Nots’ campaign. It was certainly our busiest year yet for hospice campaigns and, by all working together, we managed to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for hospices of various sizes all across the country.

Katherine House Hospice, one of the newest members of our programme and one of the youngest hospices we have ever helped, is a fantastic example of the success our campaigns have had. Through our ‘Forget Me Not’ campaign, Katherine House managed to raise a huge £27, 998 for their cause! Every year, Katharine House relies on donations and the help of their community to raise two thirds of their funding. The amount raised through their campaign with us will add significant value to their service so they can continue to offer high-quality care to their community.

National Hospice Support Programme

Gareth Hales-Povey from the British Ironwork Centre with our Katharine House Hospice Certificate

Our goal to raise over £1million for hospices still remains a very present part of our Hospice Support Programme. Since the beginning of our hospice support endeavours, a lot has changed. What started as a simple and effective way to help hospices raise a few extra pennies has turned into something far bigger. Every year, the number of campaigns significantly increases, and the number of monies raised far exceeds our expectations. To properly encapsulate the growth of our programme and to herald our hospice effort, we will be calling our 2020 campaign the National ‘Help for Hospices’ Programme.

This programme will keep much of the same essence as our previous campaigns, but we will be taking more action to help even more hospices to reach and exceed their fundraising goals. We have a lot of plans in the mix including introducing a new metal flower appeal titled ‘A Daisy to Remember’, developing entirely new campaigns, and getting more involved in the Hospice UK community. We are also hoping to bridge the gap between ourselves and Hospice UK so that we can work together to create even more of an impact across the nation.

If you’re a UK hospice in need of some additional help to reach your personal goal this year, please get in contact with us via telephone on 0800 6888386 or via email at You can find out more about our hospice success stories here: