One of Shrewsbury’s most widely visited places is their beautiful Quarry. Featuring 29 acres of green grass, a central hedged garden filled with seasonal flowers known as ‘The Dingle’ and a first-class view of the River Severn, the Quarry is certainly not a place to be missed. In 2018 we loaned the Quarry a life-size cast iron horse, which sat proudly in The Dingle in commemoration of 100 Years since the end of WWI. The horse was a beautiful tribute to all of those lost during the war and a subtle reminder of its animal service members.

This year we have replaced the cast iron horse with a herd of cast iron red deer. This fresh display celebrates our indigenous wildlife whilst educating children about our surrounding native mammals and paying homage to the beautiful red deer species. There is even a road in Shrewsbury called ‘Red Deer Road’, showing the city’s pride for this majestic species.


Amy Jones, Shrewsbury Town Council Amenities Team

 Deer, as with all mammals, play a pivotal role in the conservation and eco-system of our Shropshire landscape. With deer numbers reaching its highest point yet in 2018, correctly conserving these beautiful creatures is of highest importance. We hope that the placement of these sculptures in the Quarry will be a reminder of the nature that exists within our surrounding countryside and will prompt further thought into their conservation and protection.

These sculptures will be housed in The Dingle throughout 2019 and story boards with reference to the red deer species and the history of deer will be displayed alongside them for educational purposes. We hope that you pay them a visit in the New Year!