The Knife Angel has now been stood proudly outside of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral since the end of November 2018. When the city approached us with their ideas to host the 27ft sculpture over the holiday period, we were completely thrilled. Originally, Liverpool was only meant to be hosting the Angel for the month of December but that soon extended to the 31st of January.

With so much going on over the past few months, the end of January is right on our heels, meaning it’s almost time for the Knife Angel to move on to its next city. Having the sculpture be hosted by Liverpool has been a truly monumental moment for both the Knife Angel and for our centre. During the sculpture’s conception, we have always had big plans in mind for the Knife Angel to help spread awareness of the grave affliction of knife crime in the UK, and to immortalise all the lives lost to these horrific acts of violence, so having it housed somewhere so special has been truly incredible.

To say a very heartfelt goodbye to the Knife Angel and to remember all those affected by knife crime, Reverend Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool, will be putting on a very special vigil. The vigil will take place in Liverpool Cathedral where each victim’s life will be honoured and remembered amongst family, friends and the supporting community. Any family members and parents are who want to join us are more than welcome to come along to the event which will be taking place on the 26th of January at 4:30pm.

During its time in Liverpool the Knife Angel has been viewed by over a quarter million people, with many of these viewers from Liverpool and its surrounding Wirral and Merseyside areas making the trip over to Shropshire to visit us. This dramatic spike in visitors has been truly beneficial to us in the sense that we are able to further educate people about the importance of knife crime awareness whilst showcasing everything else that we do here. 
To see the Angel making such an impact in such a big city is truly humbling and we will forever be grateful to everyone involved in getting the sculpture to Liverpool.

We look forward to attending the vigil and hope that you will be able to join us in celebrating every life sorely lost to knife crime, its victims, and the importance of the Angel’s message.