Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health Receive a Special Gift (Left to Right; Clive Knowles - The Ironworks, Leighann Sharp - Nuffield Matron, Sam Ayres - Nuffield Theatre Manager, David Wells - Nuffield Hospital Director) 

The Rainbow Daisies, created as a valentine gift for frontline workers at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, have taken on a life of their own!

From the publicity in the Shropshire Star, other hospitals in the area have been in touch with the Ironworks to ask if it would be possible for their staff to be recognized too.

The Shrewsbury Nuffield liked the gesture so much, that they too wanted their staff to be appreciated, given as they are presently solidly supporting the NHS themselves. Additionally, staff at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and Oswestry Orthopaedic have also requested the same; sighting that staff do feel uplifted by public gestures of appreciation.

Speaking on the success of the rainbow daises, Mr Clive Knowles said; “it's been surprising how much the rainbow daises have impacted on frontline workers” and that “each hospital in the area will be treated equally and offered the same love”.

With more daisies being hand painted to be delivered shortly, Clive said “No one has more to thank the NHS for than I do, so really this is a complete delight to be able to do.”