As part of our National Hospice Support Programme, we aim to support as many hospices as we can across the UK. Offering a whole spectrum of support and services to those living with life limiting illnesses, every hospice forming a part of Hospice UK works exceptionally hard to ensure that each individual patient is sufficiently cared for. We are completely inspired by this extreme dedication which is why we believe so strongly in helping them to raise the vital funds necessary for their cause.

The programme initially started right here in Shropshire with Severn Hospice, where we offered a helping hand in the form of metal Forget Me Not flowers. Inspired by the colours representing the Hospice’s branding and logo, these flowers became available for sale at the Hospice where each and every penny raised from the donations went straight back into helping the hospice achieve their goals.

We have already helped so many Hospice's with forget me not appeals

The concept of the Forget Me Nots creation carries so much more weight than just raising crucial funds. Each flower pays a special homage to a lost loved one, immortalising their legacy in a heartfelt and very beautiful way. They provide a platform for memories, love and support, and are the ideal way to remember your loved one whilst supporting the hospices who worked so hard to ensure that their end of life care was the very best it could be.

Since, the same idea has expanded across the country allowing us to support several other hospices in the same way. With the likes of St Luke’s, St Mary’s and St Gemma’s all benefitting from our metal support. We hope to be able to offer the same level of help for many other Hospices in 2019. This programme has created an immense impact on all four corners of the UK and we hope to expand the colours, variations and size of the flowers by offering new choices such as snowdrops and roses.

We are so proud to be playing a part in raising these funds for such an extraordinary cause, and we love seeing all of the joy that the flowers bring to the staff, patients and families involved. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

Stay tuned for more details.