Dragon sculpture concept sketch

This Week saw a delegation from South Wales Police travel for a creativity meeting here in Shropshire, to brainstorm ideas over producing what is hoped to become one of - Wales’s latest and most iconic Monuments.This initial meeting was headed by Amanda Blakemore Deputy Chief Constable for the Gwent Constabulary, who has within recent times moved to Gwent Police from right here in West Mercia.

Amanda was instrumental in leading the team that bought together the project to create the National Police Dog Memorial sculpture which permanently sits outside West Mercia Police Headquarters at Hinlip Hall Worcester. This sculpture represents and pays tribute to the services and the sacrifices of police dogs throughout the county and the nation, it was entirely created from weaponry recovered from within the West Mercia area.

This latest project is to adorn the main entrance of the New Gwent Police Headquarters, in Llantarnam South Wales, placed in a stunning location surrounded by an amphitheatre style
Landscaped area right at the headquarters main entrance.
Ideas and suggestions where being sought from The British Ironwork Centre just outside Oswestry, conceptual drawings were requested ahead of the meeting and for this first meeting to attempt to find a design or a theme, that would be either be nostalgic of the this beautiful area or something that would help to engage with families and the communities within the county of Gwent.

Golden Eagle concept drawing

The Ironworks submitted several conceptual ideas today, from welsh Dragons, to nesting birds of prey, seen here being held up by Amanda and Detective Sergeant David Trew.
A representative from the Ironworks Sophia Knowles said –
"The meeting ended with more ideas and excitement than even we had anticipated, it was very productive and additional ideas surfaced that were completely unexpected.
The major part of the thinking was universally agreed upon, to create something from a combination of Gwent’s Police Vehicles, whether that’s police cars or motorbikes or both.
Basically bringing together decommissioned weapons and scrap vehicles, that are now of no use to the Force, a medium that the Ironworks has become well known for”
So how did the meeting end?
The Ironworks is now to refine the project, with further and more intricate drawings, incorporating the ideas of the day.
Gwent Police are going to involve the Gwent population to ensure everyone wishing to shape the monuments final design is included, thoughts, feedback and ideas are all being encouraged.
The next meeting is hoped for the New Year, whereby more refined and inclusive ideas will be put forward, the new headquarters are due to open in October 2021.

Gwent Police Commissioners

From left to right Detective Sergeant David Trew and Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakemore, at Shropshire’s Ironwork Centre.