The Results of our Pre-Assessment with The Green Flag Award

Initially founded in 1997 as way to help protect and breathe life back into the UK’s most important green parks and locations, The Green Flag Award now represents far more than just a way to improve neglected parklands. It is a badge of honour that aims to highlight its global winners as some of the very best in green locations all over the world. Because of this, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try our hand at winning one of these exclusive awards for ourselves.

We didn’t hesitate to contact the group about our application, which very quickly brought on a pre-assessment at the end of 2018. This pre-assessment saw an exclusive Green Flag representative visit our site, where they carefully inspected and judged all aspects of what we do here. From general site maintenance, to the way we greet our visitors, to how we market ourselves, every aspect of our visitor attraction was under careful scrutiny from the Green Flag Award committee. We are very proud to announce that the results of this inspection are in, and we have passed with flying colours!

The pre-assessment is only the first hurdle, but passing it means that the Green Flag Award recognises that we are very worthy of winning their awarded stamp of approval if we push our application forward. The pre-assessment judge left us with some tips to ensure our application comes out on top form, including the creation of an important management plan which we are currently working very hard to complete before the end of the month.

We remain to be the first private sculpture park to have undergone this assessment, with most awards heralded by large national parks and popular natural areas such as Snowdonia National Park. We are exceptionally proud to have the opportunity to be recognised and celebrated alongside these natural giants and look forward to our next assessment in hopes of being granted the final Green Flag Award accreditation.

Our nearest Green Flag winners are the Quarry in Shrewsbury and Telford’s Town Park meaning, that if we win the award, we will be the first in Oswestry to achieve such an honourable accolade.  Winning this award would not only make our year, but it would also help fuel us to continue our ongoing efforts to make our site as green and user friendly as possible.

We hope you are as excited about this award as we are, so stay tuned for more information in the future!