company Barnes & Mullins have joined our tin can appeal and have raised an impressive 6,000 tins for the British Ironwork Centre’s tin can appeal.

Founded in 1894, Barnes & Mullins has grown over many decades to become the United Kingdom’s top supplier of musical instruments and accessories.

Each tin was once used to store rosin, a solid resin applied to stringed instruments in order to grip the strings and allow the instrument to vibrate clearly. We hope to now use these wonderful tins to add the finer detail to our sculpture. We hope to recreate the Queen's image using tins collected through the appeal.

We would like to thank Barnes & Mullins for their generous contribution. Once we have acquired our 1 million can target, work will begin on the sculpture here at the centre by a local artist.

‘ An excellent example of community support here, local businesses trying to support great endeavours.’ - Clive Knowles, Chairman of The British Ironwork Centre

Any other business that might wish to get involved please ring 01691 610 952.

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Bruce Perrin (Joint Managing Director of Barnes & Mullins) watching the tins leave their premises.