The Ironworks Lead the Way in Shropshire Tourism Recognition

 Every year the county of Shropshire sees 15 million visitors entering its borders, with many of them choosing to visit us right here at the centre. This brings in a whopping £800m to our county economy, highlighting tourism as one of Shropshire’s largest and most fruitful industries. Shropshire is a beautiful county brimming with unique charm and fascinating things to see and do, but without tourist information centres and points it wouldn’t be half as popular as it is.

 We have been involved in the tourism industry for well over a decade now and we have come to understand that there is a large deficit in recognition for these tourism information providers. Additionally, there are very few initiatives that recognise the information industry for their contribution to our county economy. These information officers and volunteers work so hard to establish footfall for Shropshire businesses and tourist attractions, which is why it has become our goal to ensure that their efforts are celebrated and rewarded.

Shropshire is full to the brim with some of the best B&Bs, restaurants, and historic and unique attractions in the UK and we believe these tourism centres deserve some recognition for all of their help in promoting our county businesses. There is an incredible plethora of large, small and independent businesses in and around Shropshire that benefit from this yearly influx of tourists, and rely hugely upon them to keep their businesses alive.


With the increasing volume of tourists coming through our centre doors, we feel a burning responsibility to celebrate those who help bring them to us. On site, we will be running a survey where we will be asking all of our visitors to tell us which tourism centres and points were most helpful during their visit to Shropshire. The results of this year long survey will be made public and will help to highlight all of the most energized and conscientious  tourist information locations in and around the county. Our aim is to ensure all the TIC and TIP’s are recognized and that our visitor feedback is indeed fed back to them.

 We understand how stressful the industry can be and, with recent funding cuts, celebrating those who work so incredibly hard is more important than ever. These centres provide an incredible service to ourselves and our visitors and it’s time for us, and all those who also benefit from this work, to feed some sunshine back into the industry.

 At the end of 2019, each TIC and TIP will be contacted and invited for a complimentary afternoon tea hosted by us , where recognition and awards will also be presented where appropriate.