Community, educational leaders and the county's politicians came forward to celebrate the first satellite hub outside of Telford, alongside them stood Shropshire’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Algernon Heber-Percy, who is the Queen’s representative in the county and Peter Nutting, Shropshire Council Leader.


From Left to right: Clive Knowles - Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre, Michael Stoddart – SYST Trustee, Rupert Kenyon-Slaney – SYST Trustee, Robert Whitmore – SYST Trustee, Richard Nuttall – SYST Business Centre Manager, Robert Bland – SYST Chairman, Richard Clowes – SYST Trustee, Mike Paul – SYST, Alison Dixon – SYST Trustee, Chris Johnson – SYST Trustee, Rob Hughes SYST Trustee.

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust is a devoted charity that offers support, mentoring and resources to fledgling entrepreneurs. The British Ironworks, just outside Oswestry, has all the ingredients to assist and help launch new start up youth enterprises with a combination of workshops, studios, warehousing, office, outdoor space and, most importantly, retail space available.

Shropshire’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Algernon Heber-Percy & Michael Stoddart SYST Trustee

The Ironworks has already assisted many start-ups and currently has numerous businesses operating from the site, remotely and in situ.

 Clive Knowles, Ironworks Chairman, said: "After hearing SYSTs plea for businesses to step forward, we felt we had all the resources and space to help. We are perfectly placed to offer assistance to youths wishing to start their own unique businesses, it's rewarding and also bounces many positives back to our own business.

"Many businesses believe it's possibly cumbersome and might detract valuable time from their own business. We've found that yes, whilst it does cost us financially and is a distraction from running our business, it also holds masses of positives that outweigh any negatives.

Guest Speaker Sir John Timpson

"Having young, energetic, entrepreneurs on-site actually inspires both the management and the staff here, it's infectious. The rewards can be commercially explained, in great PR and visitor fulfilment and, on a more personal level, of feeling we're contributing to help materialise a young person's dream of being self-reliant."

Please get in touch if you’re a local business and wish to get involved or know a youth wanting to start their own business, call 01691 610952 and ask for SYST Assist.