Something Ideal for the Ideal Home Show
Ironworks to Create a Display for the 2019 Ideal Home Show

 Back in 2017, the Ironworks were given the opportunity to be involved in The Grand Designs Live event by creating a bespoke display. Considered to be the UK’s most flamboyant, ambitious and creative display of building and design projects, The Grand Designs Live offers a unique taste of top expert advice, new product launches and the opportunity to interact with specialist exhibitors from all across the UK and beyond.

When the Grand Design organisers asked for our assistance, we were completely thrilled. For the event we created a sparkling, festive-inspired display featuring giant gold planters adorned with lions head emblems, as previously used in the Buckingham Palace gardens. These pieces were put pride of place in the event registration area where they welcomed all of the attendees and really set the scene for the high level of design artistry on display.

We were recently approached by the Ideal Home Show to help design a new display for their 2019 show! Having the chance to use our creative flair and trademark quirky style for Grand Designs in 2017 was extremely rewarding and we loved every second of it, which is why we are so excited to do it all over again for an entirely different event. The Ideal Home Show represents a beautiful selection of some the UK’s biggest and best designers and is a real opportunity for us to exercise our creative flair and spirit.

Celebrating its 111th year, the Ideal Home Show is one of the largest exhibitions and displays of everything home design and DIY. With over 600 exhibitors representing the very best of interior design, garden landscaping and home renovation, this show is the perfect place for anyone seeking fresh ideas and unique design features. The 2019 show will be taking inspiration from the vibrancy of British Culture, where its designs and detailing will all represent something that is truly and uniquely British.

We have been told by one of the event organisers that our display will line the entryway into the event and will be considered crucial for setting the tone for the entirety of the show. Much like we did for Grand Designs, we will providing the Ideal Home Show with a selection of large urns which will each be filled with decorated topiary-style globes fitted with accents based on our culture. We don’t want to give too much away so make sure you attend the show! The 2019 spring show will be held from the 22nd of March to the 7th of April and is certainly not one to be missed.

It is so inspiring to be recognised by another UK design pioneer for our creative work and we cannot wait to make this 2019 display even more glorious and unique than the last!

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