The National Monument against Violence & Aggression Continues its UK Tour in Coventry

In the early hours of this morning, the Knife Angel made its way south from the city of Hull to Coventry. The Angel was greeted by a whole entourage of Coventry officials including the Lord Mayor of the City Council, John Blundell, and the Lady Mayoress, Lindsey Blundell, as well as a whole host of other dignitaries, politicians and council leaders. Also present was Clive Knowles, Founder & Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre and visionary behind the conception of the Angel, and Alfie Bradley, the Ironwork’s resident artist who created the piece. The 27ft sculpture has been installed right outside the Coventry cathedral, where it will stand proudly against the backdrop of the cathedral and the sculpture of Angel St Michael.

Appointed the UK City of Culture 2020 and housing two universities within its city walls, Coventry is a truly exceptional place for the Knife Angel to be hosted. In 2018, Coventry statistically saw one of the largest increases in knife-related crime outside of the capital city of London. Coventry Cathedral is situated mere metres away from both Coventry University and the famous Herbert Art Museum, making the Angel’s placement incredibly poignant. Essentially, by being placed right on the doorstep of education and tuition, the Angel will have its voice successfully heard by youths, the Coventry community, and city visitors alike.


Lady Mayoress, Lindsey Blundell, Clive Knowles Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre & Lord Mayor of the City Council, John Blundell

It has been formally agreed with the City Councilthat, throughout the Angel’s stay in Coventry, it will act as a catalyst for educational programmes and points of tuition for youths and the community regarding the effects of knife crime and knife related violence. Additionally, The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, will be taking full advantage of the Angel through multiple Easter services dedicated to the lives, families, and communities affected by these horrific acts of knife violence.

Coventry have signed an official agreement with the Ironworks to host the Angel until the end of the Easter weekend. The city have also agreed to cover the cost of transportation for the sculpture to travel directly to Birmingham following this term. As the National Knife Angel Co-Ordinators, the Ironworks are strongly campaigning to get the sculpture to Birmingham as soon as possible, given the city’s recent rise in knife crime statistics. There have been a few whispered locations for the sculpture to be hosted so far including Birmingham Cathedral, the Bullring and outside the City Council.

Furthermore, in light of London’s hesitation to host the Angel, many other cities have stepped forward to host the sculpture. Following its time in Birmingham, the Knife Angel is set to travel to Gloucester where it is due to be positioned outside of Gloucester Cathedral.

A huge thank you goes out to ITV, BBC and Sky News who all covered the Angel’s arrival to Coventry this morning, and to every individual involved in helping to get the sculpture to the city. This constant movement of the sculpture has been truly monumental in the sense that its intended message of the UK’s intolerance to violent and aggressive behaviours is finally able to be heard across the country. As more and more cities and cathedrals come forward to host the sculpture, more awareness is raised and the all-important changes needed to end knife crime are that bit closer to being made.