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Decorative Ironwork Centre

Decorative Ironwork Centre


The British Ironwork Centre is a family company, long dedicated to, and passionate about the preservation and creation of quality metal work, in all it's forms.

This wonderfully diverse resource is the back bone of our business, and one that we as both a family and company have spent generations painstakingly creating, collecting , researching and reproducing.

Among our stunning and varied collection of metal work you will find beautifully decorative items large and small  for the home and garden.  Some of our collections are faithful reproductions of beautiful ironwork, no longer seen today, whilst many are new improved items for the home, as glamourous and individual as their originals, but with contemporary twists.

As well as this our Centre is home to a splendid collection of magnificent animal sculptures from the majestic Silver Back Gorilla, to an adorable assortment of Farmyard animals.  There really is something for everyone.

Our indoor show areas allow you to escape in to a treasure trove of must have trinkets and interior adornments, whilst our outdoor area is abundant with architectural structures and sculptures that must be seen to be believed.

Each of our items has been carefully crafted, sourced and sometimes even redesigned and to be able to share all of this with communities both local and further afield is our greatest privilege, and one which we hope will continue for even more generations to come.

Come & Visit our Brand New Showroom!

Oswestry's Latest Attraction - Forge Falconry

Join us at one of the largest collection of birds of prey in Shropshire, a perfect day out for all the family. Take part in one of our demonstrations, learn about these magnificent creatures in what is fast becoming one of Shropshire's leading tourist attractions.

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Oswestry, Shropshire on the World Stage

During Owen Paterson’s recent visit, British Ironwork Centre learned the awful truth that African Rhinos could be lost forever within the next decade. Mr Paterson has taken on the important task of raising the alarm on behalf of the British Government who believes this must be stopped. He has recently returned from the Kenyan Bush after additional resources have been offered by the British Government to counter illegal poaching.

British paratroopers will help wildlife rangers with additional training in their everyday efforts to protect these wonderful creatures, and the British Ironwork Centre is determined to offer its support. To this end, a unique Rhino head sculpture was created by the company, which was presented to Owen Paterson, M.P, on Thursday 21st November outside the House of Commons at 10.45am.

In Photo from left, Clive Knowles – Managing Director of British Ironwork Centre,
Middle - Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP - Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Alfie Bradley – Sculptor at British Ironwork Centre.

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP - Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said: “We lose an elephant every 15 minutes and one rhino every 11 hours. I’d like to thank the British Ironwork Centre for this striking sculpture which is displayed in the department’s reception, reminding staff and visitors alike of the horrors of illegal wildlife trading and the short time we have, as a generation, to stop it. “We’re organising an international conference in February to work with leaders across the world to tackle the scourge of illegal wildlife trade.”

WWF-UK’s chief species advisor Heather Sohl WWF-UK’s chief species advisor Heather Sohl has said: “The scale of poaching we are now seeing is extremely worrying. 860 rhinos in South Africa have already been killed by poachers in 2013, this is a shocking increase from the 13 taken illegally in 2007. Governments need to act with pace and in a way that fits the seriousness of the crime – this is not just an environment issue; illegal wildlife trade transcends national boundaries and undermines national security and economic development in some of the world’s poorest countries.”

Tusk Trust Founder & CEO Charlie Mayhew MBE 'Charlie Mayhew MBE, CEO and founder of Tusk Trust, the African wildlife conservation charity, whose patron is the Duke of Cambridge, said, 'Tusk is delighted that the Secretary of State and British Government is taking such a strong lead on tackling wildlife crime and we are proud to have been a key partner this year to DEFRA's "If They're Gone..." campaign. It is wonderful to see the British Ironwork Centre's fantastic contribution to this vital campaign to save the rhino from extinction.'

Clive Knowles – Managing Director of British Ironwork Centre Mr Clive Knowles, Managing Director of the British Ironwork Centre, said “During Mr Paterson’s recent visit to the Centre, we learned all about this terrible travesty and immediately wanted to offer our support. Our only method of assisting Owen’s efforts was to create something spectacular which would help him inspire others to support the British effort and campaign.”

Alfie Bradley – Sculptor at British Ironwork Centre Sculptor, Alfie Bradley, said “this Rhino head has taken 4 weeks to complete, with some days having worked into the night. It’s representative of my finest work and I truly believe it will stir the heart of anyone who looks upon it.”

Following the official presentation, the sculpture has taken pride of place at Defra’s London Headquarters (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

The British Ironwork Centre has now offered further support with the loan of a giant iron elephant created from recycled oil drums for Mr Paterson's continued efforts in highlighting the illegal trade in ivory. This will hopefully be displayed at the entrance to greet visitors to events taking place at Lancaster house.

Watch the British ironwork Centre in the Oswestry Christmas Parade!

Oswestry Town FC tested for their Iron

The British Ironwork Centre, the chronicle’s 2013 Community Champion Business award winner, has once again taken up a community challenge this time from Oswestry Town FC

The British Ironwork Centre Football teamAlready a proud sponsor of the recently formed FC Oswestry Town, flying high in its first Season of the Mercian Regional Football League division one, the centre offered further support through the provision and sponsorship of tracksuits for the whole squad.

 However there was a twist in this tale, Oswestry Town FC had to run a serious risk by taking on the Ironworkers at their own game. So a challenge was agreed, ifOswestryTownlost they agreed to work for a Day at the Centre completely free.The Match took place Sunday the 8th of December at the Venue, Oswestry’s Football centre, at Park Hall, kick off at 11.00am

The First Half took off with each player giving their all, it was instantly recognizable that neither team intended on losing. The Half Time Score was 1 all, with both sides only conceding one goal with no penalties and fortunately no injuries.

Whilst the Ironworkers left the Pitch in incredibly high spirits theOswestryTownteam were concerned, a feeling hung in the air, that just maybe this could be the embarrassment of the year. To add to the drama, the Ironworkers bought along the ladies from the Centre, all waving Americas Pom Poms, singing motivational songs and encouraging their colleagues to win further goals.

Each team seemed to have gained a respect for each other’s strengths, but the second half saw the OswestryTown team show their superiority in both fitness and skill, with the Ironworkers conceding 3 goals in fast succession and a final goal towards the end of the second half. Leaving the full time score standing at 5-1 to Oswestry Town FC.

The Ironworkers were battle worn and exhausted, all retiring to the Club House for chicken curry and rice, a banquet laid on by their hosts the victorious Oswestry Town Team.

 A wonderful end to the most exciting day, manager Nick McGuire said that the “Ironworkers were surprisingly good and should join a league”, a question now hanging over the Ironwork Centre on the outskirts of Oswestry.

Managing director Clive Knowles was quoted as saying, if anyone wants to see the highlights of the Match, the video will be posted on YouTube (British ironwork / football.)

Further saying, that this event was excellent for the staff as a whole including those that didn’t play, boosting moral and colleague relations, as well as helping the centre to improve further team building and inter departmental relations.

In photo

Front from left -

Ashley Edwards
Matt Oliver
Tom Mackarel
Alfie Bradley
Ben Knowles
Nick Mullis

Middle & back from Left –

Gary Payne
Craig Fitton
Matt Coulson
Bobbie Phillips
Tony Mcshane
Kristiqn Nikolov
Neil Grieve
David Edwards
Keith Singleton
Clive Knowles

CLASH OF THE TITANS : Oswestry Rugby Club Vs The British Ironwork Centre

Whilst the Oswestry Rugby Club were victorious, in all three tugs of war , they were shocked by the Ironworkers grit and determination.

Ground wasn’t easily taken and the Ironworker were very close to winning the Last Pull , with some of their team loosing there feet and succumbing  to the muddy ground.

The last Pull was exceptionally dramatic With the Rope Being sheathed in steel pipe and Oil and diesel ragging used to create a burning spectacle.

Unfortunately for the Rugby team, the wind was in there direction so they were hampered by smoke, this was seized upon and the Ironworkers increased their efforts, but alas the rugby team still managed to yield the final Blow.

The arrangement between Captains, during the celebrations (Beer Mostly) was to treat this event as an Annual competition, similar to the Cricketing worlds ASH’S , each year the cricket club have to return to.

The British Ironworks to Retain the EAGLE trophy. British Ironworks Managing Director has said, we will use next year’s event , to ask other teams to join the Fun and open the Event to the Oswestry Public.


Oswestry Rugby club goes head to head with Ironworks (Clash of the titans.)

On Sunday 10th November, Oswestry Rugby club will undertake there challenge to win there Iron eagle mascot.

Oswestry eagles had asked the ironwork centre to create a large eagle for there club house, instead of just handing the eagle over, the British Ironwork Centre have challenged Oswestry Eagles RFC to a Tug of war, as long as they win the challenge they will have the eagle for free!

Clive Knowles , Managing director of BIC said “its just a bit of fun really, we could have just said yes and handed over the eagle, but we thought it was much more fun , to make them earn it.

So the challenge was born.!! ( Ten of their finest warriors against the mighty ironworkers.)

Clive Knowles MD of the ironworkers has said “Obviously the rugby club guys are a lot larger and stronger than we are, our team will be made up of ironworkers, renowned for their strength of determination and stamina , I rather think this is a remake of-

David and Goliath , no need to say more.


Sunday 10th November – 11.00am - British ironwork Centre, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9EU

In photo:
Steve Charmley – Oswestry Eagles
Colin Wright British Ironwork Centre


Community Benefits
• You will witness something wonderful, created from house hold unwanted spoons.
• Spreading & enforcing the importance of recycling & protecting our environment.
• Using this creation to reinvigorate enthusiasm in art & design, a great vehicle for school art departments & artists alike.

Media / Photo Opportunities / Interviews.
If you’d like any support in arranging photography, quotes or personalised interviews please contact our press office on 01691 610952 – or email Joanne Jones at . Both the Managing Director of the British Ironwork Centre Clive Knowles & Sculptor Alfie Bradley are available for Interviews or Comments. Uri Geller can be contacted via Twitter @gelleruri or via Facebook /uri.geller.7

Gracie gifted her very own Gold post Box Gracie's Post Box challenge for Hope House
"Thank you so much for the wonderful gold post box, we had a lovely time visiting today"
Donna Hesbrook The Hope House Garden

The British Ironwork Centre have designed a Garden especially for HOPE HOUSE, creator Emma Parry said , it is an inspiring challenge , to create a children’s fun themed garden. All the proceeds from the Garden will be entirely donated to the Hospice.

The garden will be signed and labelled, to clearly announce to all visitors, that this garden is purely charitable. It’s hoped that all visitors to the Centre will appreciate the colourful and vibrant display. The inspiration followed a Hope house visit, challenging the staff at the Centre, to join the Hope House lake Vyrnwy cycle challenge ( This Sunday 11th )

Managing Director Clive Knowles said, it’s a privilege to support the Hospice and we hope to increase our efforts during the course of the Year, with further initiatives to raise much needed funds.

Director of Fundraising, Simi Epstein, was delighted to visit and to accept the Centres kind offer of support, saying The British Ironworks is a truly generous corporate partner, a real asset to the Community.

Click here to see our Hope House Garden Online!